When i started sharing stories on rarely spoken off issues in the form of Taboo Topics, one of the main reasons was to put a name and a face on a topic that is not often dealt with. There is a lot of power in this as it helps make an issue someone else might be struggling with seem a lot more real. There has been much positive feedback in this regard.

However, as i start to share some stories on the theme of Addiction, i have decided that for some this will be a place where they can safely share their stories anonymously, especially when it is in the form of a parent, sibling, friend talking about someone else as they will not necessarily have permission to share on behalf of another person.

Where the stories are from people who once struggled but have now overcome addiction, i will be expecting more people to add their picture and name to continue that helpful tradition.

Addictions can be devastating as they affect so much more than just the person involved and can seem unending to those caught in them. But there is an end to that tunnel, and many have walked through it. I hope that these stories will bring encouragement and strength to those currently facing them or knowing people you love who are caught up in them:

Meet David Luis – long time struggle with drugs

Meet a woman who married a Sex and Porn addict