Whose Live Show [ish] is it anyway? Spoiler: It’s ours!

What does it take to be able to get the opportunity to once more watch Improguise Live? Well, a corporate doing some work on cybersecurity with its staff and realising the need to add in a whole lot of cyber-security-themed fun at the end, that's what. We got locked down [but we got up again...] Ain't never gonna keep us down. That's right - Chumbawuba has got nothing on us and we in fact [...]

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Roz to the occasion: A Brett Fish Hair Adventure

A much-anticipated-and-needed trip the Roz Hair Studio happened last week! This is the story of the new [amazing] hairstyle and hair colour of Brett "Fish" Anderson... But no good story that ends this well can take place without a horrifying Before picture: i mean, to be fair, that's the Instagram version... then there was this: Not my best work. And especially if you are one Valerie Duffield Anderson - very much not [...]

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40 Character Stories for Children/Kinders/Abantwana

Character Stories for Children will have presented 40 stories by the end of this week... What started out as a little dream and a conversation with some Improv friends has grown into a beautiful little family of wacky characters. Strange and interestingly quirky people who arrive at around 3pm every afternoon to share a story, poem or song with the young [and not so young!] children who are stuck in lockdown. Last week we [...]

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Character Stories for Children: Two weeks in.

Just two weeks ago, an idea was born. i can't even remember where the inspiration came from actually but one day Character Stories for Children was not a thing and the next day it was. We have reached the end of our second week with 10 videos and two live stream Saturday morning shows under our belts. Character Stories has not been an overnight sensation. We haven't gone viral. And we don't have a [...]

A channel is born

And after a dramatic YouTube 2 minute countdown, the 'Character Stories for Children' channel was born. Born? Do YouTube channels get born. i mean, i guess it was conceived about five days ago... Based on a character i have dabbled with called Erik [with a K] who speaks/shouts people's favourite poems or stories at them with a bad German'ish accent. i had an idea to create some stories for children stuck at home during [...]

Character Stories for Children

i don't have children. But i know a lot of people who do. Many who i really really like!  Which is one of the reasons i came up with the idea of Character Stories for Children #CSC i used to have a character called Erik [with a K] who would read poems and stories in a bad shouty german accent [my nieces in particular love my bad shouty german accent and so it definitely [...]

Taking a spin with the Ford’s Driving Skills for Life team

Friday the 13th felt like a good date for putting my life in the hands of the Ford Driving Skills for Life team. Promised a range of activities from gravel track to skid pan to driving simulated under the influence of drink, drugs or distraction, a group of about 30 bloggers and influencers descended upon the Killarney race track in Tableview. If the welcome was anything to go by - we were greeted with [...]

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Brettfish on the YouTube

Brett "Fish" Anderson has a YouTube channel. Which, like my blog, contains a little bit of everything, rather than dealing with one specific topic or issue. It's a place where i like to have fun and hopefully make others laugh or smile or roll their eyes but with a joyous attitude, and it's a place i like to try use to challenge, inspire and invite people to think about living life differently. Me [...]

A night at the [made up] movies

The Style High Club returns Last night was the opening night of our latest Improguise Style High Club run of Improv shows: A Night at the Movies. As the lights went down after our final game [which saw the audience pick two of their favourite characters from the whole evening and we stuck them in the same movie ending together] there was a near-deafening roar as the front row instantly were on their feet [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #BettyWhitesBucketList

The Twitterer absolutely loves Betty White and she is never going to be allowed to die, so we decided to work together to create some bucket list items for dear Betty to tackle next... [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [...]

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