Cancel Culture vs Consequences

Is it Cancel Culture or is it Consequences?A week ago it felt like people were screaming "Cancel Culture" about everything - Dr Suess, the Muppets, Mr Potatohead, Pepe le Pew and then Piers Morgan who earned a well-deserved self-cancel - which i wrote about over here. Then a viral incident happened where Adam Habib used the N-word in a Zoom meeting and received instant pushback on the call. He responded by suggesting that people where he [...]

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Storming the Capitol: a story in tweets

As we were getting ready for bed last night i was taking a look at the Twitterer and saw what was going down at the Capitol in America as white supremacists stormed the building where Congress was validating the election results. We spent the next hour or so glued to our phones as we tried to make sense of the chaos that was happening over there. i have some thoughts and opinions, but for me [...]

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What an “I hope Trump dies!” response says about me.

Woke up this morning to the news that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania has coronavirus. And of course the internet exploded.  Your response says more about you As with all things America, there were strong responses both ways. Ranging from wishes of a quick recovery to jokes, insults and a lot of wishing that this kills him. Now if you are one of the people who sits there and says [or [...]

re: Move One Million

The Move One Million Facebook group has organised a nationwide march today, on the 5th of September 2020. Why is the 2020 significant, you may ask? Well, South Africa and the world happens to be in the throes of a global pandemic that to date has killed more than eight hundred thousand people [including fourteen thousand in South Africa]. That alone should be cause for concern. But tuning in to watch a maskless Move [...]

Reflections on a president’s speech: Whose Lang was it anyway?

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation last night. As he did - and this is not for the first time - i felt a sense of pride, the feeling of being led, a deep respect for the humility that was shown when he spoke about government miscommunicating and making mistakes, confusing messages, and contradictions. While he spoke, i jumped on to Facebook and simply wrote this: Such humility coming from Cyril Ramaphosa... [...]

How to turn a zombie flick into an award-winning short film called ‘Alone’ [True Story!]

Are you ready for the experience of 'Alone'? It seems like quite a ridiculous question to be asking in South Africa in May, 2020, right? But, if i may have your attention for just a few minutes, i would love to tell you about this gem of a short film i was invited to watch and talk about. In the process, you may even find that you will give yourself the opportunity to be [...]

The Plandemic Pandemic

That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, and aeroplanes. And Lenny Bruce is not afraid... Turns out that R.E.M. were not as prophetic as we all might have hoped, for as @bj_flemming pointed out on the Twitterer this morning: REM were wrong it starts with a bush fire, pandemic, murder hornets; not an earthquake, birds, snakes, and aeroplanes. — Blake live from down unde🔴 (@bj_flemming) May 9, 2020 Chances are though, [...]

Character Stories for Children: Two weeks in.

Just two weeks ago, an idea was born. i can't even remember where the inspiration came from actually but one day Character Stories for Children was not a thing and the next day it was. We have reached the end of our second week with 10 videos and two live stream Saturday morning shows under our belts. Character Stories has not been an overnight sensation. We haven't gone viral. And we don't have a [...]

We Are Dying Here: a review and recommendation

these poems do not let themselves be written without lifting lids and disturbing the dead these poems are hauntings they could not live without bringing buried things back ghosts out of silence bearing witness these poems exist between worlds written out of mist and prayers and last breaths these poems have no respect for the living these poems are part of what remains of missing names these poems can never be a full story [...]

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Demonic art or demonic heART?

Art has caused a big stir this week. The question we need to perhaps ask is: Demonic art or Demonic Heart? when it comes to a Grantleigh Curro school matric pupil's art display... In the light of Artgate, i thought it might be helpful to collate a number of the posts i have shared about this, mostly from friends of mine, to hopefully help us think about the whole thing a little more clearly: [...]

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