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Brett Fish is a lover of life, God, tbV [the beautiful Valerie] and owns the world's most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob (who doesn't bob). He believes that we are all responsible for making the world a significantly better place for everyone.

A Frikkin Hashtag: #UnorthodoxWaterSavingTips

Cape Town where i live has been facing serious water shortages and so we turned to you for help: The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6 am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot [...]

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A Storey of Race

What is this race thing all about? The other night a bunch of us went to go and listen to Alan Storey from the Central Methodist Mission in town share some of his thoughts as an Introduction to Privilege and Racism. Alan's dad Peter Story was at one-time chaplain to Nelson Mandela and others on Robben Island, at the request of Mandela. But Alan has continued the legacy of speaking truth and justice to power, [...]

The invisible men

Where have all the bad men gone? i know i'm not friends with any of them, because none of my friends have come forward with a #MeToo signifying they were the perpetrator and not the victim. In case you're not sure what we're talking about, this is a response to a Twitterer campaign that went viral after actor Alyssa Milano posted this tweet: If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a [...]

Have you ever thought of becoming a Travel Blogger?

I miss flying. Long distance flying in particular, because of the opportunity it gives me to catch up on movies I might have missed. Catchup movies and small bottles of spirited alcohol are the things my flights are made of. Yet I am not sure when, or if, I will ever fly again. The choices Val and I have made around money as we try to wrestle with and understand the situation of great wealth [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #AlternativeBond25Title

We greeted the news that Daniel Craig was returning for one more Bond movie by starting a hashtag game inviting you all to suggest what you thought its name might be [especially because Shatterhand was such a useless sounding name for a Bond movie]... The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take [...]

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Is it okay to name and shame? [Facebook Poll results]

Is it okay to name and shame a person online? For example when someone has said or done something hugely sexist or racist, does the world need to know? That was part of the conversation we had yesterday. In the light of the controversial Dove ad and the Harvey Weinstein accusations. Locally, i am thinking of the Penny Sparrow incident of comparing black beachgoers to monkeys and internationally there have been the repeated cases against [...]

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Let’s make this Christmas the best one yet

Those who know me well know that one of the ways i count the success of a year is how late in the year i hear my first Christmas Carol [holding thumbs - still not there!] But looks like i am the 'there is always one' this time around as we have barely crawled our way into October and i am already bringing up Christmas? Well, i know not everyone is a champion leave-it-all-for-the-night-before-and-then-go-on-a-panic-shopping-spree guy [...]

Join me and give up ____ in 2018

A long time ago - in this galaxy -  gave up Coke [the drink] and chocolate for a year. Before that i used to drink about 500ml Coke every 2 or 3 days, and me and chocolate! The Coke was quite easy and after that year i found that i had developed an anti-taste for Coke and even today rarely drink it, except perhaps after a sporting event or at a party if there is [...]

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Let them bear guns

As Marie Antoinette once famously said, "Let them bear guns" although, to be fair, there was quite a loud howling gale of wind at the time she said it and so history has mistakenly recorded her words as "let them eat cake" which is what those at the back of the crowd swear that they heard. A slightly more true story is that after the recent tragic shooting in Las Vegas and some conversations about [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #MakesThisAWonderfulWorld

For Louis Armstrong it was trees of green and red rose as well that made him come to the conclusion that he was looking at a Wonderful World. We decided to draft in a Canadian in the form of Christian Fletcher aka @Darth_pingu who we had had our eye on for a long time [great tweetmeister] to help us see what might help us draw that same conclusion... and he did not disappoint... The Story [...]

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