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Forget potatoes, i want Faith like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This week i was super inspired and encouraged by a clip of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez i don't like to put people on pedestals. People will always let you down. For me, the only person i ever raise as the standard is Jesus Christ. And as much as my faith and religion have taken a bit of a beating these past few years [ironically as i started focusing more on matter of Justice and particularly race] [...]

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It’s time to hold [y]our leaders to account!

The appearance of diversity means close to nothing if the voices at the mic, those making the decisions and the hands at the money bag continue to be white. i have just seen another Conference line-up for a national denominational conference in South Africa in 2020 where out of five speakers, one of them is black and i believe he is the only one from South Africa. In a country where white people make [...]

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What are you feeding your eyes?

i wonder what words and images you feed your eyes every day?The very best of presenceA few years ago my sister-in-law Ro gave me one of the best Christmas presents ever. A selection of beautifully framed quotes on different aspects of Justice. These quotes live on the walls of my Man Cave* which means that most days when i sit in my Man Cave i am reading quotes such as these: [*Not an actual cave!]   What [...]

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Poem: Assumptions

A black man and a white man Step into a room together And ever so carefully Peel off their skin Folding it neatly Over the back of a chair Before taking a seat Directly across the table from one other Staring deeply into the other's soul A blood sample is taken from both men Two vials of the deepest red Placed on the table in front of them Followed shortly by a set of [...]

Social Media Shoutout: Meet MJay aka Merlize Jogiat

i was introduced to Merlize by my good friend Terence Mentor aka Afrodaddy, who, if you are not following, you should sort that out here. i started following her on Instagram after Afrodaddy and i had done an evening podcast about inclusion. anti-racism and blogging and quickly got to see that Merlize is someone that speaks out about injustice. Which, as you know, makes me really happy. So i asked her if she would be so [...]

Lockdown stage 2: And breathe…

As of today [or tomorrow depending on how you interpret 'Monday midnight' we are in Lockdown stage 2. What this means is a fairly extensive amount of changes and release of restrictions, including the following: The following changes will take effect under Lockdown stage 2: All restrictions on inter-provincial travel will be lifted. Accommodation, hospitality venues and tours will be permitted according to approved protocols to ensure social distancing. Restaurants, bars and taverns will [...]

The Domino effect – this is how it begins…

One person gently pushes over one domino. Before you know it, all the dominoes are knocked over. The UK Zoom Last night i was part of a Zoom call with around twenty people, mostly from the UK. Alongside a new friend, Shabazz [filmmaker, rapper, goatee wearer extraordinaire] and hosted brilliantly by another new friend Andrew, the two of us answered questions around the topic 'Jesus, Race and Change' and engaged with each other and [...]

Poem: The dust

I quickened my pace As I hurried home More excited than normal To make it on time For my nightly appointment A story-telling date With my youngest daughter That I always hated to miss But tonight would be extra special Did I have a story for her? I set the scene with great dramatic effect There I was at the edge of the crowd Minding my own business Listening to the Teacher When suddenly [...]

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