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Word for the year 2024

Every year i try to focus in on a Word for the Year and 2024 is no different. Although, i guess you could say it is a little different, as i normally use words that exist. But while i was leaning in and listening and trying to get a sense of what my word for this year would be i came up with a made-up word that i thought would be perfect. And then [...]

2023: Looking forward

Just hours away from the end of 2022 and it really does feel like i might just make it out alive. Let me be honest, for me the past two years have been a bit of a dog show. My wife announcing she is moving out and then later ending the marriage in 2021. Having the courts make it all official in March 2022. While i don't speak specifically about the end of my [...]

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The Road to the Catan World Champs in Malta 2022! [Part II]

Part I was largely about how i found myself chosen and made my way to the Catan World Championships in Malta. Now to talk about the competition itself. Strategy vs Luck and some other third thing! The most asked question, by fellow competitors, and others, during the weekend of the Catan World Championships was 'Strategy vs Luck. What is your percentage?' Because Catan involves dice, there is a certain amount of luck involved. My [...]

The Road to the Catan World Champs in Malta 2022! [Part I]

The Catan World Championships: Stuff of dreams. And yet, in 2022, somehow the sheep and brick aligned to let this one bucket list dream come true for one very lucky "Fish". My History of Catan It all started for me, sometime around 2002, with one of the youth guys i was leading at the time and a German copy of a game called 'Die Siedler von Catan' which i instantly fell in love with. Prior [...]

Put your money where my mouth is?

This is a post inviting you to get behind those who create the words and pictures and ideas and music that move and inspire and excite and challenge you... and only one of those ways of support is about money so read to the end. i have a Patreon page.  Which you can visit over here. The basic idea of a Patreon page as i understand it is that it is a space to [...]

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My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow is my birthday. The whole world, although counting down out loud to it for the past few days and weeks, seems to be a little distracted elsewhere. Which is quite alright, given the nature of the 12-month period we find ourselves in [which can no longer simply be blamed as 2020 as it turns out the sequel is pretty crap as well so far!] i was reminded by a message from an old [...]

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A Christmas Carol Parody Music Video story…

Make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video, they said. It will be fun, they said. Okay, so no-one actually suggested i make a Christmas Carol Parody Lockdown Music Video and it actually was quite a lot of fun and especially hearing and reading people's comments and feedback has been quite delightful to this point, but still. What was i thinking? With an extremely sore neck [Danny Glover in 'Lethal Weapon' was right!] and [...]

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Roz to the occasion: A Brett Fish Hair Adventure

A much-anticipated-and-needed trip the Roz Hair Studio happened last week! This is the story of the new [amazing] hairstyle and hair colour of Brett "Fish" Anderson... But no good story that ends this well can take place without a horrifying Before picture: i mean, to be fair, that's the Instagram version... then there was this: Not my best work. And especially if you are one Valerie Duffield Anderson - very much not [...]

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What i want for my birthday.

Sho. So this birthday snuck up on me. Christmas vibes into New Year's vibes into Cricket Test into friends-visiting-from-USA-and-Kruger-roadtripping vibes into arriving back in Cape Town last night with enough time to go to bed and wake up to my 45th birthday. 'Age is just a number' i like to say, but my number is certainly getting bigger. In the good old days [not too long ago] i used to stretch my birthday for a [...]

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