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Brett “Fish” Anderson is a dynamic and humourous¬†motivational speaker who asks the hard questions and equips us with some of the tools to help us to start working towards the answers. As an author, blogger and magazine writer, Brett has written into areas of lifestyle, culture and faith to a variety of audiences ranging from schools to businesses and churches. His topics range from social justice issues such as race, gender and poverty to motivational, spiritual formation and team-building.

As a member of Cape Town’s longest-running Improv troupe, Improguise, Brett has developed his think-on-your-feet conversational style of communication to engage with a wide variety of people on a range of topics, with the ability to shape and adapt each talk to cater to the specific needs of the group. With a keen sense of humour and strong wordplay, Brett is able to speak about deeply challenging issues in a way that engages the audience and helps them want to invest themselves personally in the solutions.

Together with his Improv friend and colleague Megan Furniss they have created a dialogue workshop titled¬†‘Race: The Elephant in the Room’¬†to deal with matters of race. Available for staff, parents and learners at schools as well as middle to senior management in companies across South Africa. Predominantly using Improv and Story-telling they explore the concept of race which many people struggle to speak about and create spaces of safety for sharing stories as bridges to invite people to step towards each other.

The author of ‘i, church’, Brett is always up for a conversation on what the church might look like if it honestly lived out the things God called us to be about.

If you would like to find out more or would like to invite Brett to come and speak at a meeting or event, you can email him at

Looking forward to engaging with you.