the accident of my skin

i have so-called white skin. i don't hate my skin colour. i hate that it has been elevated above the skin colours of so many other people. i hate that some people see themselves as 'better than' simply based on the accident of their skin colour. When i talk about defeating whiteness that is what i mean. It is not at all about hating the skin i, or people who look like me, have or [...]

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Interrogate your spaces

What do the spaces you inhabit say about you? On Saturday i shared an invitation with my white friends on Facebook: White friends. Do this experiment. Be aware of the spaces you occupy today. And tomorrow. Then take a moment to reflect Sunday night. How many of those spaces (gym, dinner table, sports club, restaurant, church, coffee hangout) were 100% filled with white people? (except those who were serving you/cleaning up) How many of those [...]

How Jesus followers might want to think about reparation

i wonder if there might be something South Africa could learn from the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. As a much-hated tax collector known for robbing and cheating the people he has an encounter with Jesus and it changes his life so significantly that he makes amends with his money and gives back to those he wronged. But in some cases we see that he gives back four times as much to those he [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #UnwantedBoyBandNames

Everyone loves a good boy band. [If only there were any]. But most of us probably think we could come up with some better names than what we've experienced so far. So AFH decided to give this a try... and you showed up! [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 1pm South African time [6am EST] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in [...]

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Blessed are those who clamp down on appropriation…

...for they will have to wear their own hand-made crap. Or something. This whole appropriation thing is quite confusing to me and feels a little dangerous with the chief danger being hypocrisy. It feels like a speck plank thing. If you are going to accuse someone else of appropriating your culture then you better be well sure that all the stuff you have was made by "your people" whatever that means. When i was a [...]

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Endless Questions and the answers Brett Fish gives to them

All the things you [n]ever wanted to know about me? Well i'm not sure about that or if this is just my friend Ger Bear's way of getting back at me for calling her "Ger Bear" but before you dive in you should totally head on over to Geraldine Walsh's blog over here especially if you're a mom or a parent because she has a really honest and open writing style and i think she's great. [...]

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We have a good ways to go

Last week on the hockey field, a masters player [meaning over 35 years old although this guy was easily 50] called me a Fucking Imbecile after an incident between us. Later, after i had had a drink with my team and was walking to my car he came up to me and said something along the lines of, "I apologise for losing my temper!" i kinda half shrugged it off with a "Sure, buddy, whatever" [...]

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Let my people go…

Who are your 'my people'? i was watching a typical exchange about some race issue on the book of face-offs yesterday when something struck me... The man commenting - who happened to be an afrikaner - said something about "my people" - and the light bulb went on and started pulsating to a disco beat. There is a very real problem for me when your "my people" all look the same or speak the same language [...]

What Jessica Jones Season II trailer said to me

Jessica Jones is returning to Netflix and i couldn't be more stoked. One of the latest in a series of Marvel comic crossovers, Jessica Jones was most recently seen alongside Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist as part of the Defenders team trying desperately to save New York. It is a very dark series and one of the main reasons i stayed with it was probably because David Tennant [my all-time favourite portrayer of [...]

Chasing Franciscan

i was reminded of this Franciscan blessing by the book of faces this morning: i don't think any group/church/organisation/person will ever get it completely right - except Jesus actually, i find it very difficult to fault anything He did or said and i'd be open to having conversation with anyone who did - but the Franciscans seem to come up repeatedly as people who did pretty well. i'm sure Saint Francis of Assisi had [...]

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