If you are not already readying yourself for tomorrow’s release of Knives Out sequel ‘Glass Onion’ then continue reading.

And also if you are. Cos Wow! 

Yesterday, joined by my friend Megan Donald, i took grateful advantage of a Netflix SA invitation to The Cape Town Ostrich Ranch to catch up to Daniel Craig’s latest franchise character, Benoit Blanc for another twist-and-turn whodunnit.

But first there was an incredible event in the most stunning space and baking sun apart, Netflix SA really pulled out all the stops. 

An early bonus was stumbling upon Gasant and Laylaa Abarder – Gasant who i have been friends with on the Twitterer for years and then finally met for the first time the day before – who also had not received the memo that 3pm was now 4pm and so we got to settle down with some drinks and watch as everyone arrived.

Gasant and Laylaa Abarder

More like Class Onions [and other snacks!]

Once the event had started the delicate snack fountain was switched on metaphorically and amazing dishes of finger foods were brought around to us on repeat. 

And they were good. From spiced watermelon and feta on sticks to Deep Fried Halloumi on thin crispy bread and Spanakopita, the waitrons kept appearing and we kept snacking. With three stunning flavours of ice-cream to choose from and an Olive garden, as well as the main menu which offered lamb on the spit [so good!] and Falafel among other things. We were kept more than satisfied and the quality of the food was SO good.

We will not mention how many Halloumi on crispy bread was consumed [by me!] – some mysteries should remain unsolved!

Glass Onion menu

Layers upon Layers of People

With something like 250 chairs set out for the outdoor movie we knew we were expecting a crowd. And with the theme of Island Chic the people started to arrive. A Who’s Who of Influencers and local tv stars and more. Everyone having put effort into their appearance while many had obviously gone above and beyond. This was a People-Watchers dream.

Pumping music, a pool table in the middle of nowhere, various spaces of chairs and umbrellas and cloth covers, and mini booklets of drink vouchers [purple for alcoholic, orange for not and the combo of the day was Vodka and Red Bull!] to keep us entertained as we waited for the main attraction to begin.

Amsterdam-based Marang Setshwaelo was in town for the gig – having invited both myself and Gasant to take part – and it was a pleasure to meet her. And some cast members of local tv production Blood and Water were the friends of some people we befriended in our little shelter from the sun and so we got to mingle with them and point out the spit lamb juices they were spilling on their light pants [as one does!]

[side note – this morning i watched the first episode of Blood and Water and with three seasons to go i am looking forward to diving into episode two later tonight cos the production value was pretty amazing!] 

Blood and Water cast

No Knives Out for this Glass Onion

While it was hard to tell who was there for the vibes and who actually had any idea of the movie we were there to see, our little foursome was definitely looking forward to some retro Daniel Craig shenanigans.

As the sun started to set, we grabbed some more drinks and flavoured popcorn and made our way out to our Netflix director chair seats and settled in to watch.

Without giving anything away, Glass Onion felt like the perfect sequel to Knives Away. Where Glass Onion had slightly less star power than Knives Away in terms of key roles [i do mean slightly – we have Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn and more], it more than made up for it in cameos, which i completely want to spoil, but won’t. Cos they were SO great!

But then the actual story-telling i think may have surpassed the original. A linear story is interrupted by a series of flashbacks and rewatching scenes you have seen [but now armed with additional information] which take it to a whole different level, changing the way you think about some of the characters and showing the significance of seemingly random moments on the journey.

And then Daniel Craig is Daniel Craig on a whole ‘nother level. i still think his Logan Lucky character, Joe Bang, is maybe the best thing he has ever done [in terms of taking the piss] but Benoit Blanc was a masterful creation in Knives Out and it made all the sense in the world to give him another run in Glass Onion. Long may this franchise continue. Daniel Craig just seems to ease so comfortably into the role while awkwardly interacting with the characters around him as only he can. Perhaps because of the grit and seriousness of Craig’s interpetation of James Bond, this cast against type works so very well for him. Unexpected but so excellently deserved and it would be amazing to see him nominated for some awards.

The rest of the cast [and cameos] play their roles brilliantly and work together so well as an ensemble. From the over-the-topness of Kate Hudson’s hot mess to the endearing Dave Bautista [whose exchanges with his mom in the opening sequence while trying to solve the mystery box are a highlight of the entire film!] to the Elon Muskesque head-up-his-butt billionaire that a pleasure-to-see-back-on-the-big-screen Edward Norton slips into; and then special mention must be made of Janelle Monáe who steals a lot of the story with her complicated… well, you’ll see.

It’s just a fun and silly romp that becomes more Aha-mouth-opening as the story builds to its satisfying climax. Definitely worth tuning in tomorrow – the 23rd of December when it lunches worldwide on Netflix. And if you somehow missed Knives Out, then put that right today so you can be ready for Glass Onion tomorrow.

Glass Onion screening

Netflix and Curiosity

Huge shoutout to Netflix SA for throwing such an incredible event. Definitely matched the energy in the movie and it was fun to experience it alongside both old and new friends, as well as make some new ones along the way.

Make sure you join the rest of the world who will be watching Glass Onion as it debuts tomorrow and come back here and let me know how it landed for you and what your favourite part was.

In the meantime you might be interested in the Curiosity-themed podcast episode that i have for you to listen to over here. If we can all start to approach life a little more with the observation skills and curiosity of a Benoit Blanc, who knows what we might discover and create along the way.

Looking forward to the next one…