For those of you who have been waiting quite a while for this moment, Season 4 of my podcast, Out of the Fishbowl, landed today.

You can jump right in and dive into episode one, titled, ‘Holding Two things’ over here and please give feedback, add comments where you listen, and share the link if you like it. i think this one is going to land really well!

But for those of you who may not yet have discovered Out of the Fishbowl, a good place to jump in might be this bonus Intro episode i put together. It is just a 20 minute listen and in it i highight my favourite 3 episodes from the first three seasons. So if you have missed any of those 9 episodes, there is definitely a lot of greatness waiting for you!

A bonus addition to Season 4 is that the cover pic/logo for Season 4 was graciously provided by the super talented Rico Schacherl who is the illustrator for the popular satirical Madam & Eve cartoon series.

Madam & Eve

Out of the Fishbowl

For anyone who may be unfamiliar, Out of the Fishbowl is the podcast series of Brett “Fish” Anderson, in which he explores different aspects of life, from Love to Mentorship, to everything feeling like it’s falling apart, to a different kind of active Peace, to a celebration of Diversity, and more. The idea of living life better in a variety of ways and spaces.

Each episode averages around 30 minutes, although it varies depending on the topic, but it is usually a combination of quotes, stories and then some thoughts around the topic, and a posible action step to consider adding to your life and routine.

The hardest thing i face with producing a podcast is getting it in front of new ears and so the biggest help you can be to me is by leaving comments where you listen to the podcast [if that option exists] and by sharing the links or actively telling someone you think might enjoy a particular episode to take a listen. Maybe whatsapp someone so they have it on their phone for easy access.

Out of the Fishbowl cover pic

Season 4

i am doing Season 4 a little bit differently, breaking it into two halves, with a Bonus episode around Church in the middle of the two halves.

The Episodes you have to look forward to in the first half include:

Episode 1: Holding Two Things – an episode that explores how you manage to stay sane when you are trying to hold a tragedy like the Israel/Palestine conflict in the one hand, with a joy like a good friend getting married, or a family member having a baby in the other. Can we take time during conflict to celebrate? This conversation feels particularly crucial right now.

Episode 2: A Quiet Pace – this episode explores the need for us to find ways to slow down and create spaces to reflect/revive/recuperate/heal. Much like in the movie, A Quiet Place, where if the people were not quiet they would likely be killed by alien creatures, so if we fail to make times to slow down and breathe, we risk becoming sick and worse.

Episode 3: Just be Lekker – an episode that invites people – especially on social media – to seek spaces and places to be better versions of themselves. Lekker is the Afrikaans word for cool or rad or kiff – and so where you have opportunity, choose to be kind, gracious, loving etc

Episode 4: Don’t be a Maskhole – a smiliar episode to the previous one but focusing more on the negative side of how people choose to troll and break down and negatively question and challenge, and inviting people instead to choose a better way. A long focus on the idea that the ants outnumber the crickets.

Episode 5: Sh! Happens. – i am REALLY looking forward to sharing this episode which speaks into the stupid/ignorant/unloving/unhelpful things that well-meaning, good-intentioned people say. So while the previous episode dealt with less-nice people, this episode explores things people often say or ask to fill in awkward silences that without more knowledge/understanding can often cause hurt and pain such as “When are you having a baby?” or “You’ve put on weight!”

BONUS EPISODE: What if the Church left the Building? – i decided to drop this episode as a Bonus one because i know that many people who listen to my podcast are not necessarily interested in or part of a church and yet i still believe there might be something in this episode for everyone. A lot of it is taken from the book i wrote called, ‘iChurch’ which explores the idea of church being the people, not the place. But in a world where the church [often deservedly] has such a bad name in so many places, i thought it was worth exploring the kind of church that i believe does have a positive effect to add to the world around it.

Some of episodes 6 to 10 have already been planned but the idea is to get to them when i return from my present trip to London/Morocco and so hoping to be inspired while i journey for some of the other episodes to come. And possibly a second Bonus episode to round the season off.

Very much looking forward to hearing how these episodes land with you…

For access to the rest of the seasons you can really put ‘Out of the Fishbowl’ in any space where you listen to podcasts or click over here to land where they live. If you find an episode or episodes that resonate with you, please share the Love and invite others you know to listen – they tend to land well with people but the difficulty is in getting the word out.

Thanks so much for listening! Please keep on! 

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