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Sharing is Blaring.

Yes, yes, i know what you're thinking - "Sharing is CARING, Brett!" - and that's true. Teaching kids to share can be one of the greatest lessons we can give them - actually teaching adults to share would be an amazing accomplishment and sort out many of the world's problems. But i want to suggest a new way of thinking about this, especially when it comes to the internet. Sharing is Blaring. Blare: to [...]

What am I not doing?

Describe to me how the world would look to you if everything was working for everyone the way it was meant to. i imagine for a lot of people this might look like a list of negatives: No more racism No more sexism No more zenophobia No more hatred of any groups or people who are different in any way. No more wars No more rape No more violence And so on... What is [...]

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But what can I do about race? [Ideas 1-5]

"But what can I do?" asked the white person. Who had just about gotten to the point of realisation that things were not white right in the world with regards to race and that something needed to be done. Which is where a lot of white people tend to stall out. "Yes, i get that there's a problem, but tell me what can I do?" as if with any other problem they faced they [...]

Own your mistakes! And move on, determined to do better.

To move forward in South Africa, and, let's be honest, the world, we have to learn to own it. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. Getting it wrong sucks but it doesn't have to be the end. Messing up horribly or completely putting your foot in it in the very worst of ways can also be recovered from. BUT you absolutely have to own it! This means humility, honesty, vulnerability, [...]

It is always about the audience

We do it for the audience! i spend a lot of time in online conversations, often around topics involving Justice. Looking at race or poverty or gender discrimination and more. There are times when i really get into it with someone and there is a back-and-forth and it becomes pretty obvious quite early on that neither of us are going to change our mind. In those situations, people often ask me, "Why do you [...]

While waiting on the government [corruption]…

It is hard to be a South African sometimes.  As a white South African, i sit with the heavy injustices of colonialism and apartheid in my rear view mirror all the time. As a black, coloured or indian South African, they live in the consequences of colonialism and apartheid as well as a worldwide uplifting of whiteness to the detriment of everything else. As a male, we sit with a horrific pandemic of violence [...]


i speak a lot about #NotOnOurWatch and thought it deserved a post. Interrupting Racism As a white person, i hold to a daily #NotOnOurWatch commitment when it comes to racism. This is a commitment i make every morning when i get up to interrupt racism wherever i see it. There are a few things that come to mind: Every Day - not simply when i feel like it, which is not a lot of [...]

Character Stories for Children: A transition…

It's time to catch you up on the happenings of our Character Stories for Children kids YouTube channel.  i see that my first post about the channel happened the day after April Fool's Day. But this was no joke. We had just gone into Lockdown and it felt like this might be a particularly tough time for parents of young children. So first up i gathered together a whole list of different activities and [...]

You don’t have to agree to listen.

What does it mean when i suggest we need to Listen to Understand? Many of us are slow to listen but very quick to speak. This feels like a particular obstacle for white people who are used to having the mic and having our voices heard. Additionally, this feels like a problem for men who are used to having a dominant respected voice. So when you're a white man, like i am, you know [...]

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Homepocalypse review

Time for a bit of an update from the Homepocalypse... We are living in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, in case any of you forgot. And while i know that none of you who read my blog would ever be those people, it really seems like there are a lot of them. Main road Plumstead/Southfield on the way to pick up groceries or meds from the Pharmacy gives off this impression if life [...]

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