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21 votes of confidence

Jacob Zuma is still the president. Not too many surprises there i don't think, although the 21 vote margin may have been a lot closer than many people suspected. But it certainly was no Brexit or Trump sideswipe [maybe we're saving that for 2019!] and the result of the vote of no confidence certainly revealed some things. While we try to figure out what that means and doesn't mean, here is a repeat of yesterday's [...]

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No Confidence in the No Confidence

When i hear the words 'secret ballot' i immediately change them to 'secret ballet' and feel like there is some kind of underground mysterious quite-possibly-Russian dance extravaganza happening that i wasn't invited to. And will there or won't there be need for the traditional tutu? But then i hear that it's a No confidence vote in the president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and i instantly realise that his middle name is a lot more creative than mine, [...]

Wanna make a game?

So we are going to be designing a board game. Or maybe we are still at the stage of that being a question. i honestly can't remember where the idea came from, but suddenly it was there and this morning i met with my friend Ashley Visagie [who incidentally was over at my house with his wife Helene the night before eating homemade pizza and playing board games] to discuss the possibilities. Monopoly is an [...]

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The revolution is happening [bring hashtags!]

There is a hashtag that reads #NotOnOurWatch - if you've been around for a bit you've probably seen me write it or heard me speak about it. Well as heavy winds rip trees out and strong rains lash Cape Town far and wide, i am hopeful that more and more the movement is starting to take place. My friend Joanne Peers [who is quite a legend when it comes to processing all kinds of issues [...]

To March or not to March [and the answer is Yes!]

This started out as a Facebook status but got a little long: A bunch of people have been asking me what they should do tomorrow or for advice on what to do and let me straight up say, "i don't know!" i certainly am not someone who gets this as much as i want or need to and i have a whole lot of learning to do - i just talk about it a lot [...]

#BlackMonday review: Wear black if you want, but also don’t.

So #BlackMonday was a thing. For anyone who missed it, i wrote a post during the day collating a lot of the stuff i shared and read which i titled: Bleak Monday: Studios were touched It was in some ways a frustrating day, but i also saw a lot of what felt like really helpful engagement which for the most part was positive and for that i am grateful. We don't have to all end [...]

The Justice Conference: The Quotes [Part I]

Yesterday i shared some overview thoughts and impressions from The Justice Conference that we were part of this weekend. i was on the social media team and my role specifically was to sit in meetings and workshops and tweet standalone thoughts [in 140 characters or less, or 16 less than that once you include the hashtag #JusticeSA2017, which incidentally you can click on in the Twitterer to connect with a lot of those thoughts] Part [...]

The Justice Conference: an overview

Where do you begin talking about the first ever Justice Conference South Africa? Maybe you start with a huge shout out to your wife, Valerie [aka tbV which stands for The Beautiful Val and is only not awkward when i am the one calling her that] who was in charge of bringing the whole thing together and did an incredible job at that. Or Craig Stewart whose dream it was and who invited Val to [...]

Why i am not drinking alcohol in 2017

So i'm not drinking in 2017 [just in case the title wasn't too obvious]. i mean i'm drinking water, and coffee, and chocolate shots if i ever go back to Spice Route cos chocolate shots, Mmm... but not the alcohol. And it's not actually the biggest deal. i don't think i have a drinking problem [ah, but that's EXACTLY what people with drinking problems say]. i just was thinking about not drinking for a year [...]

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My word for 2017: Interdependence

Interdependence: The dependence of two or more people or things on each other [Oxford English Dictionary] i have just returned from an incredible few days camping at the Cederberg with an assortment of pretty amazing people. Much fun and games and dam building [yup, we literally built a little dam and it made the one pool rise about a meter - impressive stuff] and time and reflection and food and words and Extreme Bocce Ball matches [...]

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