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Married People Tips #16-20

Marriage Tip #16 Communication. Work at it. i touched on this yesterday when mentioning Expectation as missed expectations can be a huge source of conflict or resentment in marriage. And someone mentioned Communication which is key to having a healthy marriage. We looked at the five love languages in tip 5 and in some ways, i think communication works in a similar way. We communicate in different ways and we hear things or retain them [...]

Justicing all the way to the Conference

If you live in a bit of a vacuum you may not have heard of the Justice Conference in South Africa that is happening next week Friday and Saturday. If that is the case - and even if it's not and you've seen this before - give this a watch: https://www.facebook.com/thejusticeconferenceSA/videos/2018186161548780/?t=0 The Ripple Effect i have been involved in a lot of camps and conferences in my life that have [...]

40 Tips for white people asking, ‘But what can I do?’ – a summary

40 Tips to help white people to answer the question, 'But what can I do?' when it comes to race and reconciliation in South Africa. And we have made it to the end of the 40 - which one[s] felt most helpful or relevant to you [show us some love in the comments section]? In this post i give a quick summary of each tip to remind you of the journey we have made together [...]

But What Can I Do? Tips #26-30

Are you still with us? That's amazing. If you have made it this far all the way from Tip #1 and are still engaged then i'm really stoked, well done. This can seem like a lot of stuff. I really do love white people and I still have a lot of work to do in many of these areas and it is just great to know that other people are committing to this stuff as [...]

But What Can I Do? Tips 21-25

As we head into the second half of our journey as white people seeking to do and be better, let me encourage you and remind you once again that i have so much love and respect for you. Which is why i have been compiling this list. The past in our country is completely messed up and in need of redress and healing and building and so on... us taking these tips seriously is us [...]

For those who value the content i produce.

If you've known me for even a short time you will know that i love to produce content. Of all shapes and forms, ranging from blog posts or articles or conversations dealing with race or faith or poverty or treatment of women... To my own attempts at Jack Handey Deep Thort humour or some of my video alter egos such as Brad Fish and his series of 'Dangerous Things You Can Last Expect' videos or the [...]

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But what can i do? [White people in South Africa and beyond…]

White South African friends... i have so much love for you. A number of you, when race conversations have been happening, have asked the question, "What can i do?" and as one who doesn't have all the answers but certainly has some of the journey, i figured I can share some things that helped me to move further along in this conversation. So for the next forty days, i am hoping to share an idea [...]

A new Brand of Recovery

Walking through the airport on the way to Durban, i spotted Russel Brand's new book 'Recovery - Freedom from our Addictions' in Exclusive Books. And promptly bought it to read on the plane and beyond. i am a HUGE Russel Brand fan. i think he is highly underrated and that a lot of his wisdom is often missed or dismissed due to his incredible in-your-face persona which many find jarring. But from his comedy to [...]

There’s a new podcast in town [almost]: Preview of Stuff Hitting Fans

i have a friend called Wayne Eaves. i'm a big fan. Wayne has been an incredible encouragement, in particular, this last year as he manages to get the timing perfectly right to send me an irreverent cartoon or a hilarious video clip or challenging article about life and faith and the world. He nails it pretty much every time and he knows just where to push the buttons. Most importantly Wayne keeps it real. i [...]

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From the Bottom Up

When i say "Cape Flats", you say "Violence!" "Cape Flats!" "VIOLENCE!!" "Cape Flats!" "VIOLENCE!!" Because, along with Nazareth and townships and maybe even Africa as a whole, that is the kind of mindset that too many of us hold, right? The mindset that says [or suggests, or at the very least thinks]: What good ever came out of the Cape Flats...? Time to flip this narrative This past weekend i had the privilege - and [...]