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Changing Cape Town one garden at a time: Meet Ujamaa

Let me introduce you to Ujamaa... Definition: The Swahili word ujamaa means 'extended family', 'brotherhood' or 'socialism'; as a political concept it asserts that a person becomes a person through the people or community. Yesterday i was given the privilege of hanging out with a small group of truly inspirational people doing small but country-transforming things. The Ujamaa Collective, as they are known, are in the middle of a seven-day walk, starting in Khayelitsha where [...]

Cape Town Festival of Improv part V.

We are just over a week away from performing our 5th Annual Improguise Festival in Cape Town. i remember being in Americaland for the 1st one and being so fortunate to have an SA visit coincide with the dates and so i was able to play in some of the shows which were then at the Kalk Bay theatre. This year though we have moved to the Alexander Bar in Cape Town which has hosted [...]

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Making it all up Improv-style at the Masque

Last night i was a Combine Harvester. Or was it a Combined Harvester. Hard to tell. But then i was also a Scottish Horseman slash barman who got slashed but if it all took place in the walk someone took in their mind, did it really happen at all? i was washed up on a desert island and within 12 minutes had managed to start a fire and burn all of our clothes. Yes, ALL [...]

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#UCTShutdown: a glimpse behind the scenes

One thing is certain to me: if you think you have a solid grasp of what is going on at our universities right now, you are probably wrong. The bottom line is that it is not simple - it is complex and complicated and there are so many stories and so many groups and for us to be able to embrace or dismiss one view completely is not a sign of wisdom, but more likely [...]

Hope for South Africa

i was being driven home from a hockey match yesterday when my mate turned to me and asked me, "How are you feeling about South Africa right now?" The answer is that i am feeling hopeful. In fact a number of people both black and white have been asking me this question recently and that is my honest response. BUT i am not blind or ignorant. i know that there are some really angry black people, [...]

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Let’s make some history.

Do you remember where you voted in 1994? Where you were when the twin towers fell on 9/11? How about when we won the 1995 World Cup of Rugby? More importantly, where did you stand in 2016? The year everything changed... We are in the middle of making History. It started picking up pace with Rhodes Must Fall which was followed by Fees Must Fall and either the Anti-Corruption marches or the Zuma Must Fall [...]

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It starts here: reflections on Sobukwe

"When I came back from overseas, the road I had grown up on had been changed to Robert Sobukwe drive. That is all I knew of him." One of the comments after the Robert Sobukwe documentary 60 to 80 of us watched together last night in a cafe called Jou Ma Se Kombuis situated on the edge of Manenberg. i was not oblivious to the fact that the majority of people in the room [although [...]

The Great Gatsby or ‘Why i decided NOT to keep my pie hole shut’.

"Someone get that man a gatsby!" [Fusi Nkoala] The response to a blog post i wrote about the Passion worship event on Saturday titled, 'The Passion of the Chris'. It wasn't quite everyone's response and some of the suggestions were a little conflicting with a different one strongly suggesting to me that i should "Shut up!" and  "Keep my pie hole closed" [Autram Marjo Jacobs] Although to be fair Autram did clarify that it was [...]


White people of South Africa. The time is now! Yesterday i shared a status by my friend Sindile which is pretty much going viral which is excellent to see as it is such an important prophetic word especially for the white people across South Africa to really get. This is the summation extract from that post: […]

#MustFall Must Fall

i love how in the darkest and longest of rooms, the moment you light the smallest candle, it can be seen from anywhere else in the room. [Unless of course, you’re hiding in a cupboard, but then, Narnia!] Whereas in the lightest and brightest of rooms, you introduce a little bit of darkness and nothing much happens. […]