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Mwari Pizza House: Meet Tshepi the Pizza Maker

i am SUPER EXCITED to introduce you all to Tshepiso Sibisi, whose pizza making business caught my eye earlier this year. Due to the super busyness of my work and life vibes, i have taken way too long to get this blog post written - and i humbly apologise - but we are here, and this is a story to enjoy and share. And if you are in the area to take advantage of. [...]

Lockdown stage 2: And breathe…

As of today [or tomorrow depending on how you interpret 'Monday midnight' we are in Lockdown stage 2. What this means is a fairly extensive amount of changes and release of restrictions, including the following: The following changes will take effect under Lockdown stage 2: All restrictions on inter-provincial travel will be lifted. Accommodation, hospitality venues and tours will be permitted according to approved protocols to ensure social distancing. Restaurants, bars and taverns will [...]

How to turn a zombie flick into an award-winning short film called ‘Alone’ [True Story!]

Are you ready for the experience of 'Alone'? It seems like quite a ridiculous question to be asking in South Africa in May, 2020, right? But, if i may have your attention for just a few minutes, i would love to tell you about this gem of a short film i was invited to watch and talk about. In the process, you may even find that you will give yourself the opportunity to be [...]

The Fast and the Furious

How fast are you? And how furious? A friend shared these words with me last night about a restaurant called Lelapa in Langa:   The restaurant was started by a domestic worker who decided to take an opportunity to start a restaurant as tour operators were starting to do township tours. And what drove her to make the leap was finding a restaurant bill in her employer's washing for a night out that was [...]

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A visit to the Strandfontein site…

i was given an opportunity to visit the Strandfontein site yesterday where around 2000 homeless people are being held.  On Good Friday i had written this post about Strandfontein which had gained a fair amount of traction. Based on stories i had heard from people who are very well connected to some of the people who were at the site and also some articles i read and videos i watched. So when a friend [...]

Before you bite into that chocolate…

It is Good Friday today. But very much the opposite of that in the Strandfontein sports facility where the homeless have been rounded up and moved. "It is like a concentration camp!" - these are words i just heard from a social worker who has been volunteering in the encampment where tents have been erected and none of the physical distancing that we have all been called to do is happening at all. She [...]

Even more ideas for parents during lockdown times

In South Africa, the lockdown is T minus two days... Parents of young children have a long twenty-one days ahead of them. Although around the world there are many places where children are at home and many adults are at home and so coming up with ideas becomes a challenge. Fortunately we got you covered. The past few days i have collected A LOT of ideas of different things for children and families to [...]

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Corona Virus: Some facts, ideas and strategies for South Africa

You may have heard about this virus called Corona Virus that has been spreading around the world like, well, a very spready virus. More than 170 thousand cases and six and a half thousand deaths worldwide. With so much speculation, fear and misinformation around i thought it might be helpful to compile a few thoughts and links to help clear things up and help us all be a little more informed and creative in [...]

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A visit to the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children

This week i received the gift of a visit to the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children. Thanks to some work i have done alongside Fair Cape Dairies, they informed me of a collaboration they are launching next week with the centre. i connected with the director Bernadine Bachar and she agreed to meet with me to give me an idea of what the centre is about and how they do what they [...]

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Bishops sex scandal is no joke

Have you heard the one about the Bishops Sex Scandal? i knew something was up when 'jokes' containing the words 'Bishops' and 'Water Polo' arrived in my hockey whatsapp group. But i had not heard of the specific incident and when Val told me the details that night i was shocked. And have just written something in my hockey whatsapp group which is likely to not go down that well, but this is a [...]

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