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Own your mistakes! And move on, determined to do better.

To move forward in South Africa, and, let's be honest, the world, we have to learn to own it. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. Getting it wrong sucks but it doesn't have to be the end. Messing up horribly or completely putting your foot in it in the very worst of ways can also be recovered from. BUT you absolutely have to own it! This means humility, honesty, vulnerability, [...]

The Domino effect – this is how it begins…

One person gently pushes over one domino. Before you know it, all the dominoes are knocked over. The UK Zoom Last night i was part of a Zoom call with around twenty people, mostly from the UK. Alongside a new friend, Shabazz [filmmaker, rapper, goatee wearer extraordinaire] and hosted brilliantly by another new friend Andrew, the two of us answered questions around the topic 'Jesus, Race and Change' and engaged with each other and [...]


How much of your life is spent on things that matter?i was on a call with my fellow Heartlines staff members this week and we were doing a bit of a check-in based on a question Seth Naicker had asked.The question related to Youth Day and the Sharpville uprising in 1976 which helped trigger events leading towards the eventual official end of apartheid in South Africa.i was 2 at the time and so obviously didn't [...]

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From the Bottom Up: the importance of offline activism

How important is offline activism? i spend a lot of time on Social Media dealing with issues of race and poverty and injustice. The hope is to share and engage and challenge and invite people to explore different areas where their lives could be better. Most of this relates to areas where i am trying to listen and learn and engage and wrestle at the same time. i might know or have discovered some [...]

The Violence sheltered by Kindness

In spaces of social justice and activism there is often a call for greater kindness. Which i absolutely agree with. But for who? 'Be Kind, but with Spine!' Wow! That is a powerful quote i read today [which may or may not be by Karen Salmansohn, hard to determine] and it sums up quite well what i wanted to write about.i believe deeply in being kind. In the scary and often brutal world we live in, kindness feels [...]

Before we blame God…

Some people are finding it hard to believe in God at the moment. During a pandemic that is threatening to wipe out so many people and cause a trail of destruction the notion of an all-loving, all-powerful God can feel completely absurd. Others are preaching that this is God's punishment on a world that has largely rejected God. Which is also a bitter pill to swallow. i have been wrestling with my faith in [...]

Open letter to government, business… and me!

Imagine a better country! No, that is not a passive dream-about-it suggestion. It's an imperative. As in, while we are spending three weeks largely stuck in our homes, here is an opportunity for all of us to imagine a better country. Starting with you, government! My wife was saying this the other day - imagine if every business, school, government department used these twenty-one days to seriously brainstorm solutions for the country - Eskom, [...]

Corona Virus: Some facts, ideas and strategies for South Africa

You may have heard about this virus called Corona Virus that has been spreading around the world like, well, a very spready virus. More than 170 thousand cases and six and a half thousand deaths worldwide. With so much speculation, fear and misinformation around i thought it might be helpful to compile a few thoughts and links to help clear things up and help us all be a little more informed and creative in [...]

16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children

The idea of 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children seems crazy to me. When what we obviously need is 365.25 days of Activism for No Violence against women and children. But i get it. Because of the state and nature of the extremes of violence that are happening towards women and children, just drawing some attention and mobilising as many people as possible for more of a bite-sized chunk [...]

Blessed are the rich

Blessed are the rich... for they shall be spared sermons!  Rene August [preaching at St Johns Anglican church yesterday] didn't quite say those words, but she might as well have. And they feel largely true. One thing Rene did say was this: 'The church has so many programs to help alleviate poverty. The church has no programs to help people alleviate greed.' [which i think was a quote of Bishop Zac Niringiye] Two other [...]

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