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The [Cape Town] Life Aquatic: How do we go from here?

Day Zero continues its menacing approach like a menacing Sith Lord approaching with somber orchestral accompaniment in the background...                     Cape Town readies itself by desperately grabbing hold of any water-catching, water-containing or water-producing containers it can find... And we stand at a dry and dusty crossroads where both paths seem to lead away from any kind of aquatic-heavy future. There has already been a fair amount [...]

Be Kind, yes but to who?

Can't we all just be a little more kind to people online? And maybe offline too..? i would say, "Yes, absolutely!" But also, "No!" Well, i mean kinda, but probably not in the way you understand Kindness. Because often when somebody posts an inspirational or challenging message like this, what they are actually wanting people to be is nice. And it isn't super helpful to confuse Kind with Nice. Exhibit A Your three-year-old kid is [...]

Let’s make this Christmas the best one yet

Those who know me well know that one of the ways i count the success of a year is how late in the year i hear my first Christmas Carol [holding thumbs - still not there!] But looks like i am the 'there is always one' this time around as we have barely crawled our way into October and i am already bringing up Christmas? Well, i know not everyone is a champion leave-it-all-for-the-night-before-and-then-go-on-a-panic-shopping-spree guy [...]

Thoughts on being a real man

This is a status i posted on Facebook today which i thought would be a bit more easy to share as a blog post and i hope that men [in particular] who agree with what is written here, will share it on your wall and via your Twitterer accounts as a sign of saying you agree and are committed to being part Menfolk, listen up. On more than one occasion, my wife, Valerie, has been [...]

What if history isn’t done?

Last night i was sitting in a room of about thirty people who were diverse in age, gender and race as we took a couple of hours to look a little more deeply into the concepts of Economics and Theology. One comment that someone made sparked some thinking that i had already been doing - she said something about the fact that we assume that history is finished in the sense that the systems and [...]

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What if The Christmas Gift You Give is a space at the table?

Christmas is not so far away... which means the big feast planning will soon be well and truly underway... The other day i was playing a Twitterer Hashtag Game with the tag #TheGiftYouGive One of the stunning things about Hashtag Games is that many of them can be incredibly fun or funny, but also often really serious as well. The game i just blogged about - #2016WasTheYearThatIFinally - was one of those as many people jumped [...]

One fight too many

Sometimes i think to myself, 'Man, i just feel like a good old internet fight. What controversial status can i write that will really get people revved up?' And by 'Sometimes' i mean 'NEVER' because i'm not THAT person. A bunch of people think i'm that person, and that's really okay cos you thinking it doesn't make me that person. And i definitely have had the opinion that some other people seem to be that [...]

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They should speak English

Everyone in South Africa speaks English, right? i imagine we would be surprised as how many English speakers think and assume that. i would probably be less surprised at how many of us expect that. Because English, right? Firstly, it would probably surprise a whole lot of them to discover that English is only the third most spoken language in the world to start with. But it was this passage by Antjie Krog in 'Country [...]

The Fast or the Furious

i have a tablet bible application called You Version where i am busy slowly working through the book of Isaiah [three chapters a day when i get to it] and today was Isaiah 58 which i absolutely love and i find this a helpful checklist for people who say they follow Jesus... This is just part of it: 6 “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice     and [...]

Who lets the dogs out?

[Disclaimer: If you're a dog owner, try and read through this entire post without formulating a response - just read to understand and hear - and then let what you've read help inform what your response will be] i watched the most fascinating conversation unfold on Facebook yesterday, related to dog owners. Probably one of the most helpful aspects was this dialogue between two friends of mine, Lesego and Ashley, who started off a little [...]