Of airports and mummies

So yesterday tbV [the beautiful Val] returned from a two week trip to the UK and i went to meet her at the airport dressed up as a Mummy. Not to be confused with dressing up as my mummy. That's a whole different set of counselling. Shiny, Happy, People i thought yesterday, as a tend to do pretty much every time i dress up to meet people at the airport [yes, it's a thing!] that i [...]

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Follow your values or they’re not

If i had to ask you to sit for five minutes and write down the 5 top things you Value in life, what would make it on to your list? i haven't given this any thought at all [but hopefully with key values you shouldn't have to] but 5 that would appear on my list would be: # love God and follow Jesus # love my neighbour as myself  # generosity # honesty # hospitality [...]

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My word for 2017: Interdependence

Interdependence: The dependence of two or more people or things on each other [Oxford English Dictionary] i have just returned from an incredible few days camping at the Cederberg with an assortment of pretty amazing people. Much fun and games and dam building [yup, we literally built a little dam and it made the one pool rise about a meter - impressive stuff] and time and reflection and food and words and Extreme Bocce Ball matches [...]

Whose mentor are you anyway?

Do you see yourself as a mentor?  As we head into 2017 looking to make it more significant than 2016 was, this is a key area. i speak about it a lot but i don't think you can encourage it enough. And it goes two ways: Who are you mentoring? But also, is there anyone who is pouring into your life? i tend to be someone who looks to mentor people quite easily and naturally. i [...]

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Between the Cheerers and the Jeerers

Who do i write for? Well, if you hung around on my social medias as a total stranger for a couple of weeks, you might have what seems like a simple and straightforward answer to this. Commentators of Brett Fish are firmly divided into two camps: the Cheerers and the Jeerers. THE CHEERERS We might call them the choir. As in "you're preaching to the choir". As in these okes [and okesses] already get it. As [...]

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More Parenting ideas from non-parents

So yesterday's post looking at Parenting Ideas from non-parents generated a lot of healthy conversation. i had a few more people share some more ideas and while me sharing them is not an endorsement to all of the ideas [this is honestly meant to be some input to reflect on, consider, see if there is any good worth holding on to] there are some things here that i really think are helpful. And so parentals, [...]

Community Parenting: Advice from those who don’t have children. [Intro]

Do i as a person without children have anything of worth to offer as advice to those who do? This blog post or mini series comes out of an article i wrote for 1Africa this morning, titled, 'Other People's Children: An offer of help' with the bottom line being that i do believe we might have something to offer. Which led to me posting this as my status on Facebook: For ANYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN, [...]

Coffee over Pie Holes

Soooo, i wrote a post with my reflections on the Passion worship event on the weekend as most of you know and BOOM! Oh and then there was the one i wrote titled, 'Sodomy: A South African Love Story' which was a "great post, but please change the title because it's awkward having that on my wall" and that exploded on The Warehouse wall. The piece i shared on Equality, Equity and Reality didn't get [...]

See you, see me

  Hey, you! Yes, YOU!   i see you!   Is that maybe not everything we want to hear and know? That i am seen. That someone acknowledges my existence and my presence. That someone knows my name. That i count. i matter.   DO YOU SEE?   Think back over this week… What was the name of the car guard you tipped with a R2 you found in the corner of your purse? The [...]

Some thoughts from Spaghetti conversations [with Nkosi Wiseman Gola]

My friend Nkosi has written for me a number of times on this blog and so it was a great privilege to have him around for a special meal on Friday night with some friends, that i wrote about over here, and i asked him to share some of his impressions from the evening: Conversation is an integral part of transformation. It was for this reason that I went to Brett's house together with Monde [...]