Meet Zaan Cilliers and the tiny school with a lot of heart

i would love to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to Zaan Cilliers and the Pikkewyntjies Pre-Primary school located in Mooi Uitsig, Betty's Bay.  Last week i had the privilege of driving the most beautiful route from Cape Town to Betty's Bay for the purpose of meeting up with Zaan and taking a look around the school. My sister Sue who lives in Austen, Texas in the States was introduced to [...]

Catching sight of the invisible people

Who are the Invisible People in and around your life?  This has been something that has been on my mind a lot since last week Friday and i want to share the thought through the medium of two simple stories that took place on the same day. In the morning i had a story-telling session with Heartlines at a primary school in Mitchell's Plain. As far as i knew, i was walking in to facilitate [...]

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the party

i attended a 50th birthday party last night. Of someone i have met twice... i was in the minority [as a white person] and one of the youngest people in the room [which doesn't happen a lot for me] and it was such a complete vibe. In fact, as tbV will attest, being in a space with fifteen to twenty people where i only know two of them [the hosts] is traditionally one of my [...]

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The breath of disconnecting

End off a busy manic week by intentionally disconnecting. Sunday early evening we put our screens to the side. Earlier in the day we had sent out an open invitation that if anyone wanted to join us from 4.30pm for reading and records they should do so. Our friend Sue joined us around 6 i think and by then Val and i were well into our own personal reading. The Doobie Brothers, classical music [...]

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From Diversity to Inclusion and beyond.

We need more Diversity! If you are a white person living in the Western Cape then it can become fairly easy to believe that white people make up the majority of people in the province and be extension, the country. The reality, though, is that we make up closer to 16% of the province and less then 8% of the country. So there has to be a certain degree of intentionality [or maybe lack [...]

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My vote goes to the table party

On the evening of the election, tbV [the beautiful Val] and i hosted our own party. #ISeeWhatIDidThere We invited around ten of our friends for food and drinks and cake and conversation and just hung out - no agenda beyond celebrating friendship and being in a trusted space with people we love. And it was a diverse group of people. And it was good. Then last night we gatecrashed [kinda] another dinner with some [...]

Of airports and mummies

So yesterday tbV [the beautiful Val] returned from a two week trip to the UK and i went to meet her at the airport dressed up as a Mummy. Not to be confused with dressing up as my mummy. That's a whole different set of counselling. Shiny, Happy, People i thought yesterday, as a tend to do pretty much every time i dress up to meet people at the airport [yes, it's a thing!] that i [...]

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Follow your values or they’re not

If i had to ask you to sit for five minutes and write down the 5 top things you Value in life, what would make it on to your list? i haven't given this any thought at all [but hopefully with key values you shouldn't have to] but 5 that would appear on my list would be: # love God and follow Jesus # love my neighbour as myself  # generosity # honesty # hospitality [...]

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My word for 2017: Interdependence

Interdependence: The dependence of two or more people or things on each other [Oxford English Dictionary] i have just returned from an incredible few days camping at the Cederberg with an assortment of pretty amazing people. Much fun and games and dam building [yup, we literally built a little dam and it made the one pool rise about a meter - impressive stuff] and time and reflection and food and words and Extreme Bocce Ball matches [...]

Whose mentor are you anyway?

Do you see yourself as a mentor?  As we head into 2017 looking to make it more significant than 2016 was, this is a key area. i speak about it a lot but i don't think you can encourage it enough. And it goes two ways: Who are you mentoring? But also, is there anyone who is pouring into your life? i tend to be someone who looks to mentor people quite easily and naturally. i [...]

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