On being Different and why that should be okay

Some thoughts about being different: It is okay to be different. After all, we all are.  i have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks doing a lot of self-reflection. The in-your-face realities of a deadly worldwide pandemic, my dad about to turn 80 [this Saturday], hearing of a new colleague on a board i just joined losing his life in a car accident, are all things which can make you [...]

From Diversity to Inclusion and beyond.

We need more Diversity! If you are a white person living in the Western Cape then it can become fairly easy to believe that white people make up the majority of people in the province and be extension, the country. The reality, though, is that we make up closer to 16% of the province and less then 8% of the country. So there has to be a certain degree of intentionality [or maybe lack [...]

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Tis the feeling of our discontent

One thing that irritates me in life is people arriving late for things. Like sufficiently overwhelmingly late. We had an arrangement that you would arrive at seven and it's now twenty-past seven and i haven't even heard from you. Now it's helpful to realise that this comes from a place. A lot of people see punctuality as a virtue and some cultures might hold it as a greater value than other cultures and for specific [...]

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Old dogs…

The other day i spent about an hour learning how to add some videos and subscriber links to the end of my videos. Not rocket scientistry and i'm sure the moves i learnt are pretty basic and can be done much better by the pros but you can check out the finished result at the end of my latest Erik [with a k] video, where Erik [with a k] reads the poem Self-Sacrifice by Hanane [...]

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Of work and things.

i thought it might be helpful or interesting to some of you who read my blog to know what i am up to. For the longest time i have been largely unemployed - officially since November when the horrible online Christian article platform i was writing for finally pulled the plug after three years, after a last six months of increasingly irritating and unprofessional changes which completely schnied [what a great word!] the writers. So [...]

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Join me and give up ____ in 2018

A long time ago - in this galaxy -  gave up Coke [the drink] and chocolate for a year. Before that i used to drink about 500ml Coke every 2 or 3 days, and me and chocolate! The Coke was quite easy and after that year i found that i had developed an anti-taste for Coke and even today rarely drink it, except perhaps after a sporting event or at a party if there is [...]

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A little bit of a rANT

World, i need help. i've tried to be strong about this and persevere and last them out, but i think they are starting to win. i'm talking about ants, the ones currently taking over my life. Three days ago, Jaden Smith [son of Will 'Fresh Prince' Smith] took over the internet with a viral video in which he shares some mind-blowing [to him] facts with Vanity Fair that had shaken up his whole life, including [...]

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Happy Birthday to me: What I Want!

On Wednesday it is my birthday. i am turning 42 which, according to ‘The Hitchkhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Douglas Adams is the answer to the question, ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ That’s right, i am literally going to be The Meaning of Life… years old.  […]

Writken Word: Take 1

i had this idea for a stream of consciousness kind of Spoken Word vibe but written down with no edits and so what i am going to do in a moment is ask Facebook for a word to get me started - i will pick the third word suggested, whatever it is, and then come back here, write down that word as the heading and then flow a written piece with whatever comes into my [...]

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