Chasing Francis: On Artists, Forgiveness and a Communal Faith

i already shared some glimpses into the book 'Chasing Francis' that i am busy reading and absolutely loving. i have a lot of pieces of paper sticking out of a lot of pages, so i thought i would have to do a follow up, with the main focus being GET A HOLD OF THIS BOOK... this is simple a trailer, but the whole book chewed on as a meal is what you really want. = [...]

Deep Dive your way to deeper relationship.

Last night we hosted our second Deep Dive Dinner Conversation in Durban. While Saturday's was a group of all white people chatting about Identity as a white person in South Africa, last night was a completely more diverse group of twelve including indian, coloured, black and white. Two very different dinners, but each with a specific focus and both providing some amazing conversation. But the most outstanding thing for me at both dinners was the [...]

Chasing ‘Chasing Francis’: a book review of sorts

'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.' [Marcel Proust] i am about a third of the way through reading the book 'Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale' by Ian Morgan Cron and already trying to figure out in my head how i am going to get hold of ten copies of it to pass on to that person and that person and maybe you... but seriously, whether [...]

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Having received your marching hors d’oeuvre…

If this last week was the first time you ever did anything in terms of protest then THAT IS AMAZING. Well done. Good for you. That's really great. At the same time it is very possible that it also sucks that it took you so long. i fall into that category. For the last two and a half years i have been going on about this stuff in terms of writing and engaging with people [...]

The Justice Conference: The humility of leaders.

The word 'Redress' was not there by accident... i have been sharing some thoughts about The Justice Conference that recently happened in Cape Town with almost 1000 participants and 60 plus contributors from all over the place in various shapes, shades and forms. And i have touched on this fact. But i want to dive a little deeper into it, because i believe it is a lot more significant than many people might think. The [...]

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Taboo Topic: Mental Health – Intro

It has been a while since i have added a new Taboo Topic so just a quick reminder: The idea behind TT was not so much topics that are taboo in and of themselves as much as it was about highlighting stories and shared experiences from a range of topics that tend not to be spoken about much. So some of them may be more taboo than others, but some are simply things we should be [...]

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Accidental Saints: Part ‘Who Pastors the Bishop?’

i am busy reading Nadia Bolz-Weber's Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People and being completely inspired by it. For those of you who don't know her, Nadia is the tattoo-covered ex-addict F-bombing Lutheran pastor who write the amazing Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint [do yourself a favour!] and she is back with this, her second book. Short chapters that really kick you in the chops and it's not [...]

The Justice Conference: Arriving justly

So you may have heard that we were part of a Justice Conference recently. You may have even invested some of your time in browsing and wrestling with some of the Quotes that i shared from different sessions. If you haven't, i seriously suggest that you do, because whether you were there or not, some of those one liners and longer pieces are really worth chewing on further and examining a little deeper through the [...]

The Justice Conference: The Quotes [Part III]

i shared an Overview of the Justice Conference that recently took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Followed by Part I and Part II where i shared some of the direct quotes from the plenaries and electives that i sat in. This is the third and final part to give both glimpses and reminders of an incredible two days spent together. First up was Jesus and Sanitation: Re-imagining a Theology of Shit. Now there is your problem right there. [...]

The Justice Conference: The Quotes [Part II]

In part I i shared some thoughts from The Justice Conference from René August, Sivuyile Kotela and Craig Stewart and here are some other notes and thoughts i was able to take down: Afrika Mhlope had this to say: We have to break this entrenched idea that this is white man's religion. We've got a lot of work to do. He also encouraged us to check out the Black pain White Guilt video on you Tube. There is [...]