Give these people [of diversity] the mic!

Celebrating diversity.  This weekend i spent time with some young adults from across the St. Johns parish of six churches that i am part of and some others who were from outside of that as well. It was inspiring, fun, challenging, cold, enlightening and just really an amazing weekend. It was diverse in so many ways which was an absolute highlight. The Davidses The weekend was hosted by a friend of mine, Keegan Davids, who [...]

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The revolution is happening [bring hashtags!]

There is a hashtag that reads #NotOnOurWatch - if you've been around for a bit you've probably seen me write it or heard me speak about it. Well as heavy winds rip trees out and strong rains lash Cape Town far and wide, i am hopeful that more and more the movement is starting to take place. My friend Joanne Peers [who is quite a legend when it comes to processing all kinds of issues [...]

Deep Dive Dinners: If you invite them

i had an exciting conversation with my friend Annie yesterday about an upcoming Deep Dive Dinner we are hoping to organise around Race Conversations. Then last night i chatted with my friend Jess in Durban who recently hosted a follow up dinner to the one we did when we were up there - also exciting stuff. i realise that Deep Dive Dinner Conversations are something i have blogged about quite a bit and so you [...]

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A Storey of inclusion

i wrote a little bit last week about suddenly being thrust into a world of study as i joined the incredible LUT group to spend the rest of the year diving deeply into Leadership in Urban Transformation. After just four days with the group, i feel like i could already write a ton of blog posts - on the obvious things, but also on some of the kind of side note AHA! moments that happened [...]

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It was Brett Fish in the Study with the Theological Text Book

Monday mid morning i received a whatsapp message from my wife, tbV: How quickly can you make it to Wynberg by train? The answer, as it turned out, was pretty quickly... within forty five minutes she was picking me up and dropping me at The Warehouse where she offices. Within about another thirty, lunch break was over and i found myself studying as part of the LUT group. i'm not gonna lie, i just had to [...]

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Dominate this week in 3 easy steps.

May this be a week where we seek to listen more, be slower in reply and hungry for increased knowledge over being right. LISTEN MORE BE SLOW TO REPLY INCREASED KNOWLEDGE OVER BEING RIGHT Let's see what this week might look like as we put those three into practice... Have a great one love brett fish

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Fasting alcohol: the 5 months in report

In January i shared a piece about my decision to stay away from alcohol in 2017. This week i was reminded about it when my friend Megan posted something on Facebook about her having stopped drinking for six months, whereas i have just hit five. Hers was less specific i think and generally she has been adopting a more healthy lifestyle. THE STORY SO FAR For the most part it's been pretty easy. i don't [...]

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A different kind of peace

Some more thoughts that jumped out at me as i was reading 'Chasing Francis' recently. Firstly, if you have never read the peace prayer of Francis of Assisi, this thing is so flippin powerful. Imagine if every day, all of us started off our days by honestly praying this and then looking for it to determine the kind of day we have: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me [...]

i found Jesus [He was in Durban!]

Just to be clear, that's not Jesus in the picture, it's my friend Rudzani Thangoane. i met him in Durban too. Sho, it would take too many words to do our recent KZN trip any justice, but let me try a few. That was definitely the highlight two week period of 2017 for me so far, and so Cape Town you had better work your magic quickly cos i am feeling strongly pulled in that direction [...]

Chasing Francis: On Artists, Forgiveness and a Communal Faith

i already shared some glimpses into the book 'Chasing Francis' that i am busy reading and absolutely loving. i have a lot of pieces of paper sticking out of a lot of pages, so i thought i would have to do a follow up, with the main focus being GET A HOLD OF THIS BOOK... this is simple a trailer, but the whole book chewed on as a meal is what you really want. = [...]