Married People Tips #21-25

Marriage Tip #21 Tend towards the cleaner one. Now this is not to much specifically a marriage tip as it is a people-who-live-in-the-same-space tip and i probably observed this more living in community with tbV and others in Philly than with just me and Val. But it can be huge. The person who hates breadcrumbs on the counter is MUCH MORE emotionally invested than the person who doesn't care [or notice] breadcrumbs on the counter. [...]

The poker game, the muslims and the brownie

Last night was the big combined end of year poker game for a group of mates i had been playing poker with once a month. Thirty plus people and a long evening of challenging competition planned. In a nutshell, i had all of the best cards but got completely bad beat three times and ended up being second person out with Val still representing and looking set to continue for a good while. She suggested I [...]

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Married People Tips #16-20

Marriage Tip #16 Communication. Work at it. i touched on this yesterday when mentioning Expectation as missed expectations can be a huge source of conflict or resentment in marriage. And someone mentioned Communication which is key to having a healthy marriage. We looked at the five love languages in tip 5 and in some ways, i think communication works in a similar way. We communicate in different ways and we hear things or retain them [...]

When Social Media is social…

A lot of people hate social media - and with good reason. Those bridge lurkers have ruined it for us. But it is important to remember that social media in itself cannot be good or bad. It is simply a tool. People use tools for good or bad. And i have a deep-seated theory that 'People tend towards stupid' which is why some tools have warnings that look something like this: Which [...]

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Married People: Tips #6-10

Marriage Tip #6 Be quick to deal with issues. The bible [whether you believe in it or not] has this great piece of wisdom: 'In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.' There are times when anger might be a justified response to something but the key is not letting that anger cause you to hurt your [...]

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Married People Tips #1-5

Married People Tip #1 Find things to do together. Find things to do apart. Either of these extremes can be detrimental to a marriage and the balance will no doubt differ between marriages but typically i imagine there are some things you will find that you love to do together [for us that includes boardgames, weekend walks, certain series, challenging conversations, dressing up crazy to meet people at airports] and other things that you prefer [...]

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Follow your values or they’re not

If i had to ask you to sit for five minutes and write down the 5 top things you Value in life, what would make it on to your list? i haven't given this any thought at all [but hopefully with key values you shouldn't have to] but 5 that would appear on my list would be: # love God and follow Jesus # love my neighbour as myself  # generosity # honesty # hospitality [...]

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Justice had a beat

One of the absolute highlights of the recent Justice Conference in South Africa was the worship. Now Val and i learned from our wedding that sometimes amazing musical experiences don't translate on to video. The opening djembe arrival of the bride at our wedding is one of the most powerful musical moments of my life as first one then two, then five, then twenty djembes joined in to create a pulsating rhythm and a [...]

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But What Can I Do? Tips #31-35

And we are heading down to the final straight as we make our way through the last ten tips for white people genuinely asking, 'But what can I do?' when  it comes to race and nation-building in South Africa [and beyond] - glad to see you're still with us... #ButWhatCanIDo? Tip #31 Leave your camera at home. This one goes out to white people on mission trips or white people visiting the townships or white [...]

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A new Brand of Recovery – some final encouragement to buy the book.

i have now finally finished reading Russell Brand's latest book, 'Recovery - Freedom from our Addictions' and can highly recommend it. Whether you feel like you are addicted or not. There is a helpful understanding that is gained around addicts who might be people you know, as well as just some generally helpful life wisdom from a very unique perspective. Russell Brand is not everyone's cup of tea, but you are doing yourself a disservice [...]