You clearly have not been following me on social media if you haven’t yet heard that i have a PodcastAnd that Episode II dropped this week.

It is called Out of the Fishbowl and it is two episodes in with Episode III titled ‘You can’t handle the Truth’ dropping this coming Monday at 10am, South African.

Out of the Fishbowl

Episode I, if you somehow missed it, is titled ‘Pineapple on Pizza’ and you can listen to it over here.

Episode II, has the slightly trickier wordplay title of ‘Diverse vs Divers’, and you can find that over here.

The description for Episode II reads like this:

Join Brett Fish as he discusses the benefit of Diversity in and around your life through the lens of his very first Scuba dive which took place in the Philippines for his birthday in 2020.

Half of it was about new experiences and facing fears and includes a few stories of how i almost drowned that weren’t enough to keep me from my first Scuba Dive in the Philippines just before the Pandemic struck.

Half of it deals with the gift you give yourself when you invite different voices to inform and entertain you, looking at the books you read, the music you listen to and even the series and movies you watch.

And for a quick teaser for this episode if you happened to miss it, listen here: 

The people have spoken

While i shared a whole lot of feedback from Episode I, which was mostly from the Twitterer, i just want to share a few significant tweets from the second.

Wayne had some good advice and in answer to his question, Apple Podcasts usually takes two weeks to process a new Podcast and so hopefully Out of the Fishbowl will be available there this coming week:

Not Sorry Ms Jaxon had this short but powerful piece of feedback which was so great to receive:

Having one of South Africa’s popular authors, Gus Silber, not only agree to take the time to listen but also send some positive words was an absolute day-maker:

With a bonus comment from Madam ‘n Eve cartoonist and illustrator Rico Schacherl

Gus and Rico’s comments related to Episode I but they only arrived this week and made me happy enough to share.

Podcast episodes

Onward and Upward

With 265 downloads and listens after just two weeks, i am quite happy with the way ‘Out of the Fishbowl’ has been received and have already started contemplating themes and episodes for the second season. i would love to hear from the listening audience whether there are any topics you would specifically like me to speak on.

As you can see from the list above, Season I still has five mysteriously titled episodes heading your way, although Episode III: You can’t handle the Truth’ which launches on Monday is probably a little more self-explanatory than some of the rest.

What i can absolutely say with conviction is that my niece Jen’s Intro to Episode III is my favourite of the whole season just because of the energy and commitment she puts into it and so if you even only listen to it just for that you will have scored a win! 

And if you have a minute to spare for a taste of some of what you might be getting from that episode [the dreaded raiSINs make another guest appearance!] then give this clip a listen:

 Help this Podcast move out of this Fish’s bowl

While i am happy with where we are at the moment, i think i would love to see two to three hundred people regularly tuning in.

And that’s where YOU come in! If you enjoy the Podcast, please help me get it out there. Share when the links are dropped. Comment about what you liked best or what you found interesting. Retweet and Forward and Tag and let’s get it out there.

i am really hoping that the things i talk about will challenge, encourage, inspire and invite people to think, all of us, about how we live and interact and see the world. i hope they will get us talking and thinking and doing. A little bit better than we did before. That is really the most i can ask.

Looking very much forward to hearing your thoughts and comments and take-aways from Episode III coming soon…

What Podcasts do you listen to regularly and really love and would recommend? Please leave some names in the comments so that i can start listening to more great shows myself…