On Monday, Out of the Fishbowl Season I, Episode I hit the airwaves – my very first Podcast episode. 

After more than a year of planning – very unlike me, which you can read about here – and a few weeks of marketing and trying to build up some anticipation, i was more than satisfied that we hit the 100 download mark before i went to bed that night.

But even more than that, i was blown away by some of the really amazing things that people had to say:

i tend to create a lot of content [blog, video, general social media] and i have even written and self-published a book.

The majority of the time the audiences tend to be really small and the feedback silences can be somewhat deafening. Which strangely enough can be worse than criticism and overt dislike. Especially with the book – people get excited to hear that i have written a book and i get them a copy and then… NOTHING… which often says a whole lot more than something.

So to have more than a hundred people listening and then so many people responding with very specific feedback [which is far better then the “I loved your podcast” with nothing else which kind of feels like just the words “Happy Birthday” on your social media wall which is kinda almost some kind of effort but not really] felt really good for my soul.

And this post is really to share some of that feedback. If you somehow haven’t had a chance to listen yet, you can find Episode I over here.

Podcast Brett Fish

Out of the Fishbowl Podcast Feedback

So the fact that people listened was amazing and that so many people responded was just magical.

What was really a gift though, was how people responded specifically, often mentioning things way cleverer than anything i had said or intended. And also that many people seemed to appreciate different aspects of the podcast. So different things resonated with different people, which is amazing.

But don’t take my word for it:


Podcast visual

So many good things said by so many different people. And i really appreciated every one.

Also, i need to do a big shout out to my most excellent friend Lusand Mashua for creating the templates for my Podcast artwork, taking something small that i asked her to do and going above and beyond in the most amazing way to create a number of different pics i can use to promote the show. What a gift. Thank you my friend!

And huge thanks to Jake Waldron who gifted me the piece of music that i use as my Intro and Outro and which just really feels like such a good fit. Jake has supported me with his talents on other projects before this and i cannot thank him enough!

And then finally two sets of double tweets which were some other amazing feedback as well as some creative marketing vibes:

While Etienne Shardlow deserves a shout out for finding the very best way to advertise episode one of the series in this duo of tweets:

For those of you who enjoyed Episode I, you may be pleased to know that the remaining 6 episodes that make up Season I of Out of the Fishbowl are already locked and loaded and ready to drop. They will release each Monday at 10am and so subscribing on Spotify means they will be delivered to you but otherwise the links will be shared as and when they drop.

And if you’d like a sniff of what i have in store – if you can decipher some of the mysterious titles – here is a list of all the names of the episodes from Season I:

Podcast episodes
Podcast love