In 2015 i finally got around to publishing my first book called ‘i, church’.

The heart of the book is really to get us thinking about how we can do and be church better.

Specifically for people you know who love Jesus but have been burnt/hurt/disillusioned/disappointed

by church and then also for those who attend services regularly but it doesn’t have much affect

on their daily lives.

And then all of us in between. ‘i, church’ tends to ask questions rather than give lists of ‘How to…’

ideas to guide us towards becoming a more attractive bride and a more effective body of Christ

on the earth at this moment in time.


You can get hold of ‘i, church’ on Amazon and Goodreads or if you are in South Africa

by getting hold of me at and requesting a copy.

[For a way you can have a deeper engagement with this book and with your friends, click here]