He is yellow and white [well, dirty yellow and white, he gets around] and is still the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin and his name is No_bob.

Capital N, underscore and small b – gets spelled wrong all the time.

He has been my loyal and faithful companion since i won freed him from the vestages of stuffed animal toy slavery on the Brighton Pier in 2000.

Initially i was going to call him ‘Bob’ but then i realised that being made of material he probably wouldn’t and so the name No_bob came to be.

The underscore is there to add class.

No_bob has travelled around the world and met a slew of celebrities including former archbishop Desmond Tutu, the bands Jars of Clay and Tree63, Michael Mol, and Nicky Gumbel.

He has had a popular song written about him [The No_bob song by Serving Suggestion], lost an eye, been attacked by a wild dog, been stretched almost to breaking point by excited summer campers and been kidnapped dolphin-napped on more than one occasion.

Yet he continues to inspire many by his not-realness and ability to lie in the same place and not move for days on end.

Have you had an encounter with No_bob? If so, when did you first meet him?

  No_bob Tutu and No_bobNo_bobshirtfrontwithno_bob