i came across The Something Guy on the Twitterer a long time ago.

The title ‘The Something Guy’ really grabbed my attention and later i would get to connect Shaun Zietsman [the man behind the title] and learn and see a little more about what he does. More recently Shaun started a whatsapp connection group for a number of influencers that i was privileged to be a part of and we have been learning how to support and cheer each other on. And learn from each other as well. So i messaged Shaun and asked him if i could share a little bit of the story of ‘The Something Guy’ so a few more of you could get to meet him too. Tell us about yourself, Shaun:

“Stepping out from the conventional and exploring the ‘something’ different has always been my mantra. Blogging, for me, is more than a passion – it’s a mission to create a ripple effect of positivity, awareness, and entertainment. I find immense joy in connecting with people through my blog, ‘The Something Guy,’ and using this platform as a window into the fascinating, dynamic and diverse world we live in.

My journey has taken me from the corporate sector in Johannesburg to the thriving heart of South Africa’s digital landscape. It’s been an exhilarating ride, fueled by my love for pop culture, lifestyle narratives, theatre, and cinema. Not to mention the unconventional topics that make us think, laugh and challenge our perspectives. My goal is to make ‘The Something Guy’ more than a digital entertainment hub. It’s a vehicle for empowerment, promoting mental health, the LGBTQIA+ community, and a vegan lifestyle.

I am excited to see what the future holds, to dive deeper into the unexplored, and to continue fostering a vibrant digital community that values authenticity, insight, and, of course, the ‘something’ different.”

About The Something Guy

Established in 2020 by Shaun Zietsman, ‘The Something Guy’ is a groundbreaking platform in South Africa’s blogging and content creation scene. With its unconventional charm and insightful content, it is steadily carving a niche for itself, pushing the boundaries of digital narrative and a real breath of fresh air in the industry.

Unconventional Charm Meets Modern Insight: The Something Guy’s Rising Influence on the South African Digital Scene

Amidst a digital landscape teeming with creators and influencers, Shaun Zietsman, better known as ‘The Something Guy,’ stands apart. The Johannesburg-based content creator, with his distinctive blog, is reshaping South Africa’s online conversation, attracting both reader engagement and industry accolades.

Raised in Belfast, Mpumalanga, Shaun moved to Johannesburg in 2009, fully immersing himself in Jozi’s dynamic rhythm. The city’s vibrant pulse inspired him to transition from a corporate job in 2022 to full-time blogging and content creation, giving birth to ‘The Something Guy.’

Readers find themselves immersed in a unique blend of content – from deep dives into pop culture phenomena to everyday lifestyle narratives. The eclectic mix captivates various reader demographics, from comic book enthusiasts and theatre lovers to vegan lifestyle advocates.

Some of his non interview or review related articles has covered topics such as:

· The Gentleman’s Guide: Mastering the Art

· The Great Tug of War Debate: Can 1.4 Million Ants Outmuscle a Human?

· The Hole in the Wall: The Xhosa Legend of the Place of Thunder

· Golden Girls: A Timeless Classic Worth Watching

Shaun’s fresh perspective caught the attention of Galore SA Media, which acknowledged his innovative work by awarding his blog second place in the Blog of the Year category in December 2022. This recognition signifies his potential and the expanding digital influence he wields.

Beyond his role as a blogger, Shaun embodies the personal traits he seeks to promote through his online presence. As an active LGBTQIA+ advocate, a dedicated vegan since 2013, and a mental health proponent, he intertwines these elements into his blog. This blend of personal ethos and engaging content makes his platform more than just entertainment; it’s a hub for empowerment and awareness.

Shaun’s blog shines a spotlight on the vibrant theatre scene in South Africa. Through his perceptive reviews, captivating previews, and engaging celebrity interviews, readers are treated to an insider’s perspective on the country’s entertainment pulse. From enchanting ballet performances to lively live shows and delightful children’s theatre, Shaun covers it all.

Moreover, he delves into the world of cinema, sharing articles on captivating Afrikaans movies like “Strooi” and “Beïnvloedbaar,” while also providing thought-provoking reviews of other fascinating international films. Shaun doesn’t overlook the homegrown talent either, as he features articles highlighting South African actors, musicians, and writers. Renowned figures such as Neil Sandilands, Stevel Marc, Jethro Tait, Tiaan Massyn, Noni Mkhonto, Kovini Moodley, and Michelle Botha, among many others, have all graced his platform with their presence.

On top of blogging, Shaun offers a suite of freelance services, including article and creative writing, CV creation, and social media management. He eagerly awaits opportunities for brand ambassadorships, media partnerships, and collaborations that will further elevate ‘The Something Guy.’

In the coming months, Shaun will be extending his influence into the beauty pageant industry. He is slated to judge at South Africa’s inaugural MS Compassionate Vegan Pageant in Pretoria this October, an event celebrating the resilience and compassion of vegan women.

To say that ‘The Something Guy’ is simply a blog would be a gross understatement. It is a dynamic and vibrant digital platform reflecting South Africa’s diversity. With its multifaceted content and commitment to promoting positivity, it’s a space worth watching.

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