A World COVIDed and the stories that might help us make it through.

Are we a World Covided? Yesterday my blog kinda exploded a little bit [in the very best of ways]. This week had seen me share 6 different stories of people who have faced and survived Covid-19. They all had decent engagement, but nothing special. Until story number 5: Enter Nicola Date, stage left. On the first day of her story it had just over 500 views, which is a good post on my blog. [...]

Surviving Covid: Meet Sue Diepeveen

Yesterday, we kicked off the Surviving Covid-19 series by hearing some of David and Jacqui's story of facing this coronavirus. Today we continue with some reflections, this time from Sue Diepeveen who i met a couple of years ago while performing with my Improv troupe, Improguise as she runs the delightful little theatre known as the Drama Factory in Somerset West. What strikes me with each new story i hear from someone who has [...]

Brief Reflection on a New Year

Are you about ready for a new year?In just a few hours, 2020 is going to be gone...But just like race and the boundaries of a country are constructs, so to an extent is time.It's not as if when the clock strikes 12 [as it already has in New Zealand and Australia and will across Asia and Europe before it hits us and then the Americas and other countries a decent time after] something magical [...]

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In a time of information…

"Staying ignorant is a choice in a time of information."  That explosion of wisdom was dropped on me by a grade eleven learner on a Zoom call on Friday. i was in a conversation with a number of young people talking about leadership when Katie threw that one into the mix. After a bit of a morning Google it looks like the original author might be someone who i used to enjoy reading in [...]

The last time i got it wrong

It feels important to talk about the last time i got it wrong. And to be honest, this is very likely not even the last time, but it is a recent time that i am most aware of. Panel of Whiteness A couple of weeks ago, 2 August to be exact, so almost 3 weeks, i was invited to speak on a panel for the Global Business Round Table on a topic related to [...]

A visit to the Strandfontein site…

i was given an opportunity to visit the Strandfontein site yesterday where around 2000 homeless people are being held.  On Good Friday i had written this post about Strandfontein which had gained a fair amount of traction. Based on stories i had heard from people who are very well connected to some of the people who were at the site and also some articles i read and videos i watched. So when a friend [...]

Philippines Reflections: Disciplines

One of the biggest takeaways for me from our Philippines trip was finding some solid rhythms and disciplines. Particularly in the second month which we had put aside to write. Val found us a stunning spot in Honda Bay on Palawan Island and we moved in for a month. For me the main focus was on finishing the race book i had started a few years ago that had just been busied away into [...]

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Philippines Reflections: Hospitality and Generosity

If the variety and chaos and lack of aggression of the Traffic in the Philippines is the first thing that hits you as it did me, because of how in your face it is, the Hospitality and Generosity of the Filipino people will hit you in your heart. i have always found it quite a hard piece to navigate when time after time in my life it has been the poor who have consistently [...]

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Philippines Reflections: Traffic

A reflection from our time spent in the Philippines regarding traffic... My wife tbV [the beautiful Val] and i have just returned from a two-month trip to the Philippines which was pretty amazing. If you're interested in how that came about, you can read some of the story over here. i am hoping, however, to share a few thoughts and reflections from our time there and hopefully in not-too-long pieces that are easy to [...]

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The best of birthday words

Birthdays are cool, once you get past that number ticking up vibe. For me birthdays are always about the people - how can i get to spend as much time with as many people who i really love as is humanly possible. Which is why i used to always drag mine out to a week - have as many different occasions for different friends from different spaces to congregate. But they are also about [...]

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