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Roseanne Barred

By now you have probably heard about the Roseanne Barr racist tweet and cancelling of her show incident. i have maybe watched Roseanne the show once in my whole life and it didn't do enough to get me back. So i don't really know Roseanne Barr much besides glimpses of her on interview shows and random celebrity news from time to time. But this post isn't really about her. In a nutshell, Roseanne posted a [...]

H&M: some thoughts on the boy in the hoodie

This is a post for all those of you who have seen the original H & M advert of the little black boy wearing the hoodie with the slogan 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle' on it. He was pictured next to a white boy who had the slogan 'Survival Expert' on his hoodie. Because it seems like this is still being discussed, and because a whole lot of white people seem not to understand why [...]

Why i suspect this Pokémon will GO.

If you haven't yet heard of the Pokémon Go Phenomenon that is sweeping the world, then you were clearly celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in McGregor with us this past week. tbV alerted me to the fact that Pokémon was a big trend when we emerged from an amazing time away and after a short bit of research i quickly saw what all the fuss was about. My response? To boldly go where only Dick [...]

If i die in police custody…

If i was a pastor in Americaland this coming Sunday, my sermon would definitely contain the words 'If i die in police custody' which is a trending hashtag on The Twitterer right now. TAKE A MOMENT WITH THAT. #IfIDieInPoliceCustody Last Friday, a black woman was returning home from a job interview in Waller County, Texas, when she was stopped by police after failing to properly signal a lane change. Two days later, she was dead [...]

In the wake of Charleston

We are angry. We grieve, mourn, weep. But we also choose to remember these dear sisters and brothers. Rest in peace. Cynthia Hurd [54] Tywanza Sanders [26] Sharonda Singleton [45] Myra Thompson [59] Ethel Lance [70] Susie Jackson [87] DePayne Doctor [49] Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr [74] Rev. Clementa Pinckney [41] [From Eugene Cho, who is a man i greatly respect and admire:  @EugeneCho] i think it is strongly significant to start a conversation about the [...]

How to overcome our biases by walking boldly towards them [Verna Myers]

i know not everyone has the time or internet capacity to watch video clips online, but if you do then i encourage you to watch this one. It speaks directly into the Americaland conversation at the moment in terms of violence from police offers on black young men but also just a greater focus on the bias of society, and particularly white society when it comes to black young men. i believe it has a [...]

An open letter to my White friends, in South Africa and Americaland…

This morning i was browsing Facebook and i came upon a status from my friend Nkosivumile Gola [who has written a number of posts for this blog] that read like this: The land question is very personal, the land includes my whole being it is the very me. The land question is very emotional its not an intellectual talk. I don't have a nice way of saying we want the land, I can't smile when [...]

Oscar Pistorius, Mark Driscoll and i walk into a bar.

  There have been two stories dominating my Facebook feed the last day or so [i'm not even going to touch on the Renee Zellwegger face thing - we created that circus!] and they are both ones i have tried to keep largely clear of. Until now. OSCAR GOES TO... The Oscar Pistorius sentencing saga [because if the Twitterer is to be believed, it WAS that] which has been lurking on news headlines stuck to lampposts, [...]

i’m not sure you’re against that thing you think you’re against: part rape culture

The phrase is off-putting and in some ways misleading [to someone who doesn't understand what it means at any rate]. Tell a guy he is a part of the existing rape culture and he is most likely to react strongly against that: "How dare you suggest I'm a rapist? Or put me in the same grouping as rapists as if I could be one of them." Well, sometimes that thing you think you're against is [...]

i'm not sure you're against that thing you think you're against [Intro]

Sometimes two sides of a vociferous argument can both be right. A silly [but true] example could be someone from Americaland arguing that mayonnaise is horrible [i have lived here for three years and am still to find one i find overly edible] Whereas, having tasted South African mayo, and especially the no name brand big jar version, i might argue that mayonnaise is incredible. We would both be telling the truth in terms of [...]