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It’s time to be on the lookout for the fruit of the Angus Buchan prayer time

On Saturday 22 April, 2017, a million South Africans met in Bloemfontein to pray for South Africa. Or three hundred thousand. Or closer to 2 million. Depending who you ask. People of all races, ages and genders. Or majority white afrikaans middle class people. Again, difficult to say. Let's get this straight from the start - this is not a popularity piece - writing on another such polarized/polarising event in South Africa is very likely [...]

To pray or not to pray: thoughts on an Angus Buchan prayer meeting

"If my people pray... then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land." [2 Chronicles 7.14 beginning and end] Wow. This feels a little bit like a dejavu flashback or something. From two weeks ago when the question was to march or not to march, which i wrote about here. Afterwards i wrote a comparison piece looking at different marches over here. As i've done my best to navigate the [...]

Chasing Francis: On Artists, Forgiveness and a Communal Faith

i already shared some glimpses into the book 'Chasing Francis' that i am busy reading and absolutely loving. i have a lot of pieces of paper sticking out of a lot of pages, so i thought i would have to do a follow up, with the main focus being GET A HOLD OF THIS BOOK... this is simple a trailer, but the whole book chewed on as a meal is what you really want. = [...]

If you think you’re ‘woke’ you’re not.

i can't stand the term 'woke'. But i get the meaning behind it and sometimes we need to use words we don't like, simply because that's is how the majority of people will understand what we're talking about. But anytime i ever use the word 'woke' [which is really hardly ever if i can help it] i give it a huge disclaimer [something along the lines of "i hate this word"] and always use the [...]

Post-Marchem: Reflections after the #AntiZumaMarch

i have to go out quite early today, so not going to be able to compile as much as i would hope, but maybe tomorrow there will be a part II. Yesterday there was a march and some people did and some people didn't and you can read my thoughts about that if you didn't yet... but here are a couple of reflections i have seen from people on my feed: = = = = [...]

#BlackMonday review: Wear black if you want, but also don’t.

So #BlackMonday was a thing. For anyone who missed it, i wrote a post during the day collating a lot of the stuff i shared and read which i titled: Bleak Monday: Studios were touched It was in some ways a frustrating day, but i also saw a lot of what felt like really helpful engagement which for the most part was positive and for that i am grateful. We don't have to all end [...]

Bleak Monday: Studios were touched

Some thoughts linked to #BlackMonday that took place in South Africa this past week... i imagine an up market coffee shop somewhere in the heart of Cape Town where black clothed wearing upper class people are sipping on their frozen no-whip skinny ironies... = = = i woke up this morning with no idea what i was going to wear - which is stupid, really, cos Monday is Batman t-shirt day [this is not a [...]

Accidental Saints: Part Mary, mother of Jesus

i have just finished reading Nadia Bolz-Weber's second book, Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People and i highly recommend it to everyone. Especially people who are not Christian. i really think this is a book you might enjoy because of the heart, compassion and just basic realness of this lady. The first part i shared dealt with the question of Who Pastors the Bishop? and this extract is from a chapter titled, 'Mary, [...]

Accidental Saints: Part ‘Who Pastors the Bishop?’

i am busy reading Nadia Bolz-Weber's Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People and being completely inspired by it. For those of you who don't know her, Nadia is the tattoo-covered ex-addict F-bombing Lutheran pastor who write the amazing Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint [do yourself a favour!] and she is back with this, her second book. Short chapters that really kick you in the chops and it's not [...]

The Justice Conference: Arriving justly

So you may have heard that we were part of a Justice Conference recently. You may have even invested some of your time in browsing and wrestling with some of the Quotes that i shared from different sessions. If you haven't, i seriously suggest that you do, because whether you were there or not, some of those one liners and longer pieces are really worth chewing on further and examining a little deeper through the [...]