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What i am Reading: The Art of Possibility

i just finished reading The Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander.  While a lot of the work in this book echoes the "Yes, Let's!" principles of Improv that i have been playing around with for 20 plus years, i found the principles and story-telling to be quite inspiring. This is definitely a book i would recommend. No surprise really that the short stories - and there are many of them [...]

GUEST POST: Contradiction in the White Church’s Approach to Unity in Diversity

How are things looking with regards to church diversity in South Africa? Meet Ben Ker, who has some thoughts around the church and their approach to unity in diversity. i am letting him use my space today to share some of those with you and he would love some engagement around them so please consider sharing some feedback: The Context In recent decades there has been a strong reaction against apartheid ideology in white [...]

How to pick leaders with bruised or scabby knees

This has been a week of observing leaders fighting it out in the US elections. All eyes were on America to see if the people would choose Unity over Divisiveness and Humanity over Malignant and Destructive Narcissism [SPOILER ALERT: Over 70 million people still voted for Donald Trump!] while lamenting the fact that in a country of more than 3 hundred million people the choice came down to one of these two flawed individuals. [...]

What an “I hope Trump dies!” response says about me.

Woke up this morning to the news that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania has coronavirus. And of course the internet exploded.  Your response says more about you As with all things America, there were strong responses both ways. Ranging from wishes of a quick recovery to jokes, insults and a lot of wishing that this kills him. Now if you are one of the people who sits there and says [or [...]

Steve Biko speaks

i finally finished reading the Voices of Liberation series book on Steve Biko by Derek Hook. And i can highly recommend it. i honestly believe that if you are a South African [especially if you are white] then you really need to read 'How can man die better?' [by Benjamin Pogrund] which is the story of Robert Sobukwe, and either one of 'I write what I like' or this version of Biko's writings and [...]

Quotes of Liberation: a little Steve Biko to chew on…

Are you ready for some Quotes for Liberation? i am busy reading the Voices of Liberation book on Steve Biko by Derek Hook.  And i am LOVING it! i have always been a huge fan of 'How can man die better?' by Benjamin Pogrund, which tells the story of Robert Sobukwe. And while i am aware to some extent of how important Steve Biko is in the story of South Africa, i really struggled [...]

Dr Seuss stories for your children, read by Erik [with a K!]

Do you have children who love Dr Seuss stories? Or maybe just any stories read out in a bad german accent and often shouted at the screen? Well, if this is you, you may just be in luck. My old friend, and alter ego, Erik [with a K!] who is known more for shouting people's favourite poems at the screen in bad german, is back. And this time he is armed with Dr Seuss... [...]

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Some reading for men who are looking to up their game

Jess Hill's Mission to understand Abusive Men What's Rape Anxiety? This woman explained it to her favourite men and they were shocked. Relax Ladies. Don't be so Uptight. You know you want it. How to be a Woman in the 21st Century Twitter trending Hashtag 'Men are Trash' proof that men centre themselves on feminist issues. Eusebius McKaiser wrote a piece titled 'The Chain between Words and Violence' 'Why we're not working today' by [...]

The Discipline of Parenting

Giving Discipline to children well must be one of the hardest aspects of parenting.  i took to Facebook to ask some of my friends who are parents to share some of their ideas/process/stories/thinking: i imagine that discipline must be one of the hardest things to get right for a lot of parents. How do you discipline your kids [maybe add in age of kids cos that changes things] in ways that you have found [...]

I don’t want to be right!

i saw this picture and statement on Facebook today: Count me out. I need a break from South African politics and leadership dynamics. The poverty I have seen today visiting a rural area has me in a minor depression, I cant imagine WHEN the leaders will stop shielding and blaming each other and start serving this country. I DON'T want to be right, I don't want the other side to be wrong. I just [...]

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