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If you think you’re ‘woke’ you’re not.

i can't stand the term 'woke'. But i get the meaning behind it and sometimes we need to use words we don't like, simply because that's is how the majority of people will understand what we're talking about. But anytime i ever use the word 'woke' [which is really hardly ever if i can help it] i give it a huge disclaimer [something along the lines of "i hate this word"] and always use the [...]

#NotOnOurWatch: That’s not my name!

i stopped to fill up my car with petrol today and got really mad and jumped on to my phone and wrote this as my Facebook status: Disclaimer: this post will not have the amount of swearing i feel it deserves. Caltex, Main Road, Diep River, know that i am gunning for you. How DARE you have petrol attendants working for you who have to change their isiXhosa names for English names because their names [...]

Can we please make it more about race?

You can tell i'm getting over my pity party. Well, maybe you didn't know i was having a pity party but it's my birthday and i'm trapped at home and my wife is out at work and the one thing i have to look forward to is an Improv show i am doing tonight which a total of seven people have booked for. And a number of those may or may not be related to [...]

My Traitor’s Heart: The fear we cause

'I began to understand something quite important about South Africa: My fear of blacks was obscuring my understanding of the fear backs felt for my white skin.'  [Rian Malan, My Traitor's Heart] i am almost finished reading 'My Traitor's Heart' by Rian Malan whichw as highly recommended to me. The tagline of the book is 'A South African exile returns to face his country, his tribe, and his conscience.' Hm, it's been an interesting book [...]

#NotOnOurWatch: Who it’s for.

For months i've been speaking about the idea of #NotOnOurWatch as a movement worth joining. i know a lot of people have been challenged by that and in their own ways are joining in [i know because i am having conversations with some of them and assume there are a lot more] But i think it's helpful to clarify something. Just read an article that suggested calling someone racist isn't helpful at all in terms [...]

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Restitution: the beginning

i attended the Restitution Conference yesterday at the Castle in Cape Town, cos slavery. [And am going back later today for part II] Which in some ways just feels like a thing i did. Oh i went to this thing and stuff happened and people spoke and it was good. Excepting that it wasn't just a thing. It was the first ever Restitution Conference in South Africa. And that something like 21 years after our [...]

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Come and Race with me

When it comes to things about race, i have been on a journey for just over two years. i have certainly not arrived and assume this will be a life long journey. But i did realise that i couldn't ignore it any more or choose to get involved if, when and how it suited me. Living in South Africa right now means that issues of race, justice and poverty have to be forefront in my [...]

Take offence better.

If you're never offended, you're probably dead. i remember hearing an excellent preach by my friend Albert, a Korean-American pastor in Americaland, on the subject of intolerance. He suggested that we are all intolerant, but that we choose what to be intolerant towards. If you believe in a clean and appealing neighbourhood or city, then you will rightly be intolerant towards litter. If you believe in the basic human right of living, then you will [...]

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A Better ‘Better Ally’ description

How can i be a good ally to the people around me who are struggling with race issues? This is a question i have asked a lot. One of the things white people who join this conversation tend to do is expect people of colour to educate them on how not to be racist. So they have carried the burden of negative race vibes and now they must still do all the work of educating [...]

How do we treat the seekers?

The other day i asked a simple question in a Race Engagement group i belong to on Facebook, believing it was a safe place. i actually had typed out my question as a status and then decided last second to move it to the group cos it would probably be more appropriate there. The first person who responded made me feel like an idiot for asking the question and challenged my sincerity in asking it. [...]