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#NotOnOurWatch II: Tattoo man vs car guard

Having spoken about and encouraged the #NotOnOurWatch hashtag commitment for probably over a year now, i just had my second big encounter [you can read about the first one here], which i wrote about on Facebook: Climb out of my car at Canal Walk to see this decently large tattooed white guy swearing at a smaller foreign black man car guard cos of some entitled not-getting-the-information-he-was-looking-for nonsense so I shouted at him and walked over [...]

Agreeing to disagree in the very best of ways…

'Howzit buddy, just got to Bootleggers.' [Whatsapp from Lukhanyo Neer] What a great message to receive. i had been looking forward to connecting with Lukhanyo for a while, since i had met him at The Justice Conference in March and again after interacting on some #MenAreTrash vibes on Facebook. This week tbV [the beautiful Val] has been away at a retreat and i have filled a lot of my time with meetings and connections and [...]

Race with me: The voices in my head

Continuing the ‘Race with Me’ video series i take a look at one thing that has been super helpful for me in terms of learning and growing and becoming better prepared for conversations about race and knowing that changes i need to make in my own life. If you have asked the question, “What can I do?’ in terms of race vibes, this is a very good place to start. For more [...]

Give these people [of diversity] the mic!

Celebrating diversity.  This weekend i spent time with some young adults from across the St. Johns parish of six churches that i am part of and some others who were from outside of that as well. It was inspiring, fun, challenging, cold, enlightening and just really an amazing weekend. It was diverse in so many ways which was an absolute highlight. The Davidses The weekend was hosted by a friend of mine, Keegan Davids, who [...]

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The revolution is happening [bring hashtags!]

There is a hashtag that reads #NotOnOurWatch - if you've been around for a bit you've probably seen me write it or heard me speak about it. Well as heavy winds rip trees out and strong rains lash Cape Town far and wide, i am hopeful that more and more the movement is starting to take place. My friend Joanne Peers [who is quite a legend when it comes to processing all kinds of issues [...]

Race with me: White guilt?

By now you have hopefully recognised that you have white privilege and moved to the place of acknowledging that white privilege is a thing in your life. So what now? This is where a lot of [angry] people start bringing up the idea of 'white guilt' which is what i want to tackle in this next video... because i don't think it's a thing: For more Race videos, click here [...]

Deep Dive Dinners: If you invite them

i had an exciting conversation with my friend Annie yesterday about an upcoming Deep Dive Dinner we are hoping to organise around Race Conversations. Then last night i chatted with my friend Jess in Durban who recently hosted a follow up dinner to the one we did when we were up there - also exciting stuff. i realise that Deep Dive Dinner Conversations are something i have blogged about quite a bit and so you [...]

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Race with me: A closer look at white privilege

The next in a series of Race videos with the hope of helping us understand concepts and labels that might be confusing. One of the biggest of these is "white privilege" and in this video, using three different story or analogy vibes i try to give a broader understanding as to what white privilege is all about with the bottom line definition being 'Unearned or undeserved privilege gained purely by virtue/accident of being white'. [...]

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Race with Me: White Privilege – Intro

The second video in my Race with Me series takes a look at the big hairy mammoth-type creature in the room, namely "White Privilege" BUT BEFORE YOU RUN AWAY... take a moment to entertain the possibility that the idea of 'White Privilege' you are against may not be the same as the thing i am talking about: For more Race with Me videos, click here

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Deaf White People

Sorry, that should read 'Dear White People', a super helpful, brilliantly made series on Netflix that i am busy watching, which does an excellent job of unpacking many of the race issues i try to write about here. From a range of perspectives. [Disclaimer: it is quite sexualised for people who don't particularly enjoy watching that but still sho so powerful] Or should it? Because yesterday i posted this request on my Facebook wall... Friends of [...]