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The Road to the Catan World Champs in Malta 2022! [Part II]

Part I was largely about how i found myself chosen and made my way to the Catan World Championships in Malta. Now to talk about the competition itself. Strategy vs Luck and some other third thing! The most asked question, by fellow competitors, and others, during the weekend of the Catan World Championships was 'Strategy vs Luck. What is your percentage?' Because Catan involves dice, there is a certain amount of luck involved. My [...]

How to discover a diverse group of friends: a Twitterer thread!

Would you say you have a group of diverse friends?  Two days ago, i shared a thread on the Twitterer that kinda exploded a little bit [in a good way!] With over 400 retweets and a whole lot of [mostly] positive engagement, it really felt like people were resonating with what was being said. So i decided to move it to a blog post as means of getting it in front of more eyes and [...]

The breath of disconnecting

End off a busy manic week by intentionally disconnecting. Sunday early evening we put our screens to the side. Earlier in the day we had sent out an open invitation that if anyone wanted to join us from 4.30pm for reading and records they should do so. Our friend Sue joined us around 6 i think and by then Val and i were well into our own personal reading. The Doobie Brothers, classical music [...]

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Christmas in July

2019 has been a little bit rough for these Andersons. It started in January when the day after my birthday i tapped a BMW with our Getz which did R12000 damage to our little Hyundai which pretty much folded up and the people with the BMW even remarked when they sent me the picture of the back of their car that you couldn't see the damage in the photo. Their insurance company thought differently [...]

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My vote goes to the table party

On the evening of the election, tbV [the beautiful Val] and i hosted our own party. #ISeeWhatIDidThere We invited around ten of our friends for food and drinks and cake and conversation and just hung out - no agenda beyond celebrating friendship and being in a trusted space with people we love. And it was a diverse group of people. And it was good. Then last night we gatecrashed [kinda] another dinner with some [...]

Making it out of the Mindgame Escape Room…

Do you have the Mind to Escape? I and a select group of my Durban friends - including my younger sister, Dawn - suspected we might have and so we decided to put Durban's Premier Escape Room experience to the test. On Monday 13th of August, six intrepid clue hunters known as Team Fish Poop [I provided the 'Fish' and have no idea which of these juveniles decided to throw in some faeces] took on The [...]

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The Yesterday Friends

i am going to Durban on Tuesday for a week. i could not be happier. Durban contains so many of my people. My younger sister Dawn and her family is there for starters and so we will connect and have a great time. But also some of the people i just enjoy the most in the world [quite a big set of people to be honest] live in Durban and so any excuse to see [...]

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Show me all the pretty colours…

i absolutely love the people in and around my life.  It really does feel like a gift and on top of any male or white or anything else privilege that i recognise and acknowledge, the privilege of quality people is one i am most grateful for. The other night a new friend Mzi was visiting Cape Town from Joburg and we got to have dinner with him and spend an evening just chatting and reflecting [...]

Into the Furniss

Last night i went to support my friend Megan Furniss, by watching a group of high school learners perform an improv show following some training she had done with them. It was aptly titled, 'Oy's Line Is It Anyway?' and ended up being quite delightful. Let me be honest. Heading off to go and watch school kids perform improv is not something that in itself excites one. Not this one, anyway. However, their first game [...]

What? The funk.

So, as i write this, i find myself in a bit of a funk. The fact that i just used the word 'funk' twice does not make me feel good. What is happening to me? Could be worse, Brett, could be bae, but we all know that bae is not a word. It is not! STOPPIT! #BaeWatch For the last two weeks and coinciding with sickness vibes which could be a chicken/egg scenario i have just been [...]

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