Would you say you have a group of diverse friends? 

Two days ago, i shared a thread on the Twitterer that kinda exploded a little bit [in a good way!]

With over 400 retweets and a whole lot of [mostly] positive engagement, it really felt like people were resonating with what was being said. So i decided to move it to a blog post as means of getting it in front of more eyes and being able to store it.

i made a whole lot of new friends and followers and love the continuing engagement around the idea of a diverse group of friends brought about as a result of some intentional decisions…

If you have not read these yet, please take your time and work through them and consider whether this invitation is something that could be for you…

My friend Reinhold had this to say on FB today: Diversifying our friendship circles takes intentionality, as you rightly point out, Brett. And it is a beautiful thing that once you have tasted it, you can’t go back.

And that really is the truth. When you are there, trying to explain it to people who are only surrounded by people who look like them, it really can be difficult. But step into that space and you will never look back. And a benefit of it is that it can help you to start working on your internalised prejudice, stereotypes and more.

i hope this thread continues to spark reflections and conversations as it has done with so many people. And if you want to join in with other similar engagements happening on the Twitterer, feel free to follow me @brettfisha and let’s continue to talk and listen and reflect and change…

For white people wanting some more ideas for the “What can I do?” question some of you might have when it comes to race, there is a list of 40 ideas that i compiled that have been part of my journey of learning in that area.

A friend of mine created the site Racial Literacy which tackles a bunch of questions white people might have and if you are wanting to learn some more, check it out!