End off a busy manic week by intentionally disconnecting.

Sunday early evening we put our screens to the side.

Earlier in the day we had sent out an open invitation that if anyone wanted to join us from 4.30pm for reading and records they should do so.

Our friend Sue joined us around 6 i think and by then Val and i were well into our own personal reading.

The Doobie Brothers, classical music and renditions of Simon and Garfunkel songs played gently in the background. We sat or lay and read.

When Sue joined us we added our Nachos to her pizza, our wine to her dark chocolate, and apart from some conversation while we ate, and then some more towards the end, there was simply a whole lot of reading.

Perfect way to connect by being disconnected.

Really slowed down relaxing way to end off a week-end and head into the coming week. 

Intentionality of putting phones to the sides and avoiding the default of series watching to fill the gaps.

It is no doubt something we will do more of.

Maybe see you at the next one?