Give the change you want to see…

About a week ago i was hanging out with a group of friends discussing some quite incredible stories of generosity that we had all been involved in this past year. Each person in the group was connected to a person in the story of generosity although the majority of the group didn't know the people involved. The stories ranged from educational assistance to helping start up a township business to paying for a vehicle to [...]

Endless Questions and the answers Brett Fish gives to them

All the things you [n]ever wanted to know about me? Well i'm not sure about that or if this is just my friend Ger Bear's way of getting back at me for calling her "Ger Bear" but before you dive in you should totally head on over to Geraldine Walsh's blog over here especially if you're a mom or a parent because she has a really honest and open writing style and i think she's great. [...]

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The Christmas Carol that could

Let me be honest here. i'm not a fan of Christmas carols. i judge a successful year by how late in the year i hear my first Christmas carol in the mall [and this year was a pretty decent year let me tell you - may have even been December, although that might say more about how often i find myself in malls these days than how early the carols started droning]. At least i [...]

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Open letter to Ster Kinekor about why you suck so much!

[*Disclaimer: this blog post can only be read in 3D, so please deposit R20 in my Paypal account before reading further ] Dear Ster Kinekor Overlords, I'm just going to assume you have given yourselves that title, because it would be a missed opportunity if not, with the way you treat the general masses. I watched 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' last night and Spoiler Alert: Watching it in 3D SUCKED! I woke up this morning [...]

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When you cannot weight any longer.

i think this is my most embarrassing photo ever [and for me, that's saying a lot]. i call it my fat face photo and i keep it to remind me of a time when my face was about as wide as it was long. This is me in Umtata in 2002 and clearly it wasn't an epidemic of weighty proportions, because by Umtata 2003 i'm looking pretty healthy and average sized again...       [...]

Drinks on me: almost the end of a year of not drinking alcohol

A year of not drinking alcohol... completed in something like twenty days time... Felt like a good time to check in and let you know how it's been and invite you to join me on a different Giving Up adventure in 2018 - WAIT!!! COME BACK HERE! So why'd i give it up [for those of you who might have missed that detail]? Well, i just did really. No big story. No struggle with alcohol [...]

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A New Normal for 2018

i have an invitation for you... Much like i've started speaking about Christmas a little early so that we can be intentional about putting plans and traditions into effect before the fact, i want to take a look at this whole going into the New Year thing. i've never been a huge fan of the whole New Year's Resolutions' vibe, because my understanding of how they work is that you make a bunch of promises [...]

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So what should we men do with #MeToo

It's been a week of #MeToo tags and stories and commentaries all over social media. i hope men have taken note as a lot of the sharing and commenting has been done by women. i hope that enough men have read my The Invisible Men post and started to think about who these men are that are doing these things that so many women have voiced. While many others have been unable to voice. i [...]

The invisible men

Where have all the bad men gone? i know i'm not friends with any of them, because none of my friends have come forward with a #MeToo signifying they were the perpetrator and not the victim. In case you're not sure what we're talking about, this is a response to a Twitterer campaign that went viral after actor Alyssa Milano posted this tweet: If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a [...]

Have you ever thought of becoming a Travel Blogger?

I miss flying. Long distance flying in particular, because of the opportunity it gives me to catch up on movies I might have missed. Catchup movies and small bottles of spirited alcohol are the things my flights are made of. Yet I am not sure when, or if, I will ever fly again. The choices Val and I have made around money as we try to wrestle with and understand the situation of great wealth [...]

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