Season I recap: Out of the Fishbowl Codcast

With one Season of Out of the Fishbowl wrapped, i guess that kind of makes me a Podcaster. Which i have wanted to be and do for the longest time. And unless it had absolutely blown up and had a million listeners in the first week, i don't think it could have gone much better. Although finding one more person to listen to Episode I: Pineapple on Pizza, so that i can hit 300 [...]

Fishing with BottomUp

Don't let it stop at the end of the fishing lesson though! From the BottomUp In two weeks time, about 15 learners from schools in the Greater Grassy Park area, are going to be presenting 7 to 10 minute speeches at the second ever Speak Up Festival. My favourite non-profit organisation, BottomUp, has been working with a number of students from Zeekoevlei, Fairmount and Lotus High to help get them ready for the event [...]

Excited to hear the voices Speak Up

As the army was deployed into certain areas of the Cape Flats and beyond many of us watched with dismay... This is the narrative the rest of the country is given of an area facing tremendous odds. Communities still trying to crawl themselves out of the mess that apartheid and forced removals and lack of local government focus left them in. What good ever comes out of the Cape Flats? is a question that [...]

Around the Fire with Siphokazi Jonas

The Multi-Talented Siphokazi Jonas is about to return to Artscape with her hit show 'Around The Fire'. i was fortunate enough to be given the chance to ask her a couple of questions about the production but first let me allow her to set the scene: = = = = = = = = = = 'Following the success of her Wrestling With Dawn production, in late 2015, and 2016’s sold-out masterpiece, Around The Fire, [...]

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