Here’s to a much improved 2017!

2017 is just around the corner... A lot of people agree that 2016 wasn't a super great year... David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Ronnie Corbett, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, Kenny Baker [R2D2], Gene Wilder, Arnold Palmer, Leonard Cohen, Robert Vaughn, Andrew Sachs [Manuel from Fawlty Towers], John Glenn, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Michael. Those are just some of the names of famous people we know who died this year and maybe this felt [...]

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The Car Challenge: You up for it?

i took a taxi today for the first time in a long, long time. Two actually, and it was great. This morning my friend and Improv aficionado [always wanted to use that in a sentence] Megan and i went to a primary school to volunteer run four thirty minute classes of Improv with grade 5's and 6's. It turned out to be a lot more fun than i was expecting. Especially cos we made it all [...]

The Great Gatsby or ‘Why i decided NOT to keep my pie hole shut’.

"Someone get that man a gatsby!" [Fusi Nkoala] The response to a blog post i wrote about the Passion worship event on Saturday titled, 'The Passion of the Chris'. It wasn't quite everyone's response and some of the suggestions were a little conflicting with a different one strongly suggesting to me that i should "Shut up!" and  "Keep my pie hole closed" [Autram Marjo Jacobs] Although to be fair Autram did clarify that it was [...]

Welcome to

Greetings and Welcome to - this has been a LONG time coming and huge thanks to my friends, Mandy Papenfus and Simon Streep, for helping me get to this point. The hope of a cleaner, crisper, fresher look for my blog as well as a space to add videos and book sales and other fun things when i get the chance. 2016 feels like it is going to be a significant year, specifically in [...]

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2015: A glance back

2015 has been quite a complicated year. It has contained some of the best of times and some of the worst of times. And there is no way i will do it justice in one blog post here. But i thought it was worth looking back and mentioning some of what it held, even if just for me… […]

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How to be an Ally: Intro

When i was looking for an image to reflect the idea of becoming an Ally i found this poster and really liked it. Because the question that i am wrestling with at the moment is just that: How to Be a Better Ally, specifically when it comes to matters of Race. And possibly one of the biggest pieces of this puzzle is that the answer should not have to come from people of colour. [...]

let there be wrestling [and it was good!]

Too often, it has been the arrival of the question that has instantly muted the conversation. As i have sought to write [and invite others to] about topics such as Race and Reconciliation, the Church, Relationships and more, it has been disappointing to me how often a term [White Privilege] or phrase [We aren't currently part of a local church congregation] or idea [No sex before marriage] has sent people scurrying off back to where people [...]

the Friday FANatic 12/12/2014

From Worst Christian Book covers of 2014 to how to respond to Trolls or other people online you disagree strongly with, to a whole bunch of really helpful, insightful and great articles on race-related things and some reflections on our time at Robben Island, this has been another crazy  week of much to read, watch and ingest, and i would hate for you to miss any of it and so i have compiled this Don't-Miss-Out [...]

Locked in a Cave – part i

i flew to durban with four main purposes in mind: The first was to visit and surprise my younger sister Dawn and spend some time with her Glen and my nephew Josh [i am Uncle Fish and i am cool] and some of my really great friends from years and years. The second was to do some networking for The Youth Hub which is my two-day-per-week job, writing 100 words or less youth resources and sending them [...]