i upped my argument… up yours!

Is it possible to argue with someone without attacking them as a person? This morning's case in point [on the Twitterer] followed the traditional rules: Person one responded to the president's announcement that prisoners would receive the vaccine before regular citizens with shock. Person two responded by humanising prisoners and introducing some context about their living conditions and need for the vaccine. Person one responded with a generalisation of 'stealing and murdering' prisoners vs [...]

Sharing is Blaring.

Yes, yes, i know what you're thinking - "Sharing is CARING, Brett!" - and that's true. Teaching kids to share can be one of the greatest lessons we can give them - actually teaching adults to share would be an amazing accomplishment and sort out many of the world's problems. But i want to suggest a new way of thinking about this, especially when it comes to the internet. Sharing is Blaring. Blare: to [...]

A Guide to Help you Understand the Internet

What i've discovered this week [again!] is that i do not understand the internet.  3 months ago, i started filming short videos for a series titled 'Race with me' in which i address the question that many white people - specifically in South Africa - are asking, once they have realised race is an issue that needs to be engaged with and say, "But what can I do?" This series of videos was actually [...]

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In a time of information…

"Staying ignorant is a choice in a time of information."  That explosion of wisdom was dropped on me by a grade eleven learner on a Zoom call on Friday. i was in a conversation with a number of young people talking about leadership when Katie threw that one into the mix. After a bit of a morning Google it looks like the original author might be someone who i used to enjoy reading in [...]

It is always about the audience

We do it for the audience! i spend a lot of time in online conversations, often around topics involving Justice. Looking at race or poverty or gender discrimination and more. There are times when i really get into it with someone and there is a back-and-forth and it becomes pretty obvious quite early on that neither of us are going to change our mind. In those situations, people often ask me, "Why do you [...]

A few easy steps to De-Troll one’s self

"Are we the baddies?" asks David Mitchell's character in this hilarious sketch - from 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' - after he discovers a skull is the symbol on his cap. That is often the question that tbV and myself ask each other after receiving huge pushback in the Justice spaces, from friends or church or random strangers on the internet. That's often my reflection after i have just typed "You're being a bit of [...]

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Blogger’s Block: Episode 1 – Problematic Family Members

This morning i found myself facing Blogger's Block. i mean is that even a thing? i know 'Writer's Block' is a thing and so surely it must be. Anyways, i decided to turn to the Twitterer and share my dilemma and ask for topics to write on and a few really good ones came in. So i thought i would dedicate this week's bloggering to picking topics that others have chosen for me and [...]

Open letter to a hurting man

Dear Johan, That's not your real name. i'm pretty sure it isn't. Your comments don't strike me as the kind that would come from someone who uses their real name. And the email address is definitely not real. You logged into your computer and you clicked on a link that took you to my blog post and you scrolled down to the comments and with some amount of glee i imagine, you shared a [...]

Five helpful Facebook Tips people would love for you to know…

Why would anyone need Facebook Tips you may ask? Isn't social media just the easiest thing to use? Well, yes and no. Technically it is as simple as pointing and clicking, but there are ways we can use it which encourage and invite conversation and happy faces. There are also things we can do - or not do - which can close down engagement or make people mad or sad or bad or combos [...]

What do we do with the Angry Activist?

This is a not a post about anger. It is not a post about tone policing. This is not even a post about who can say what to who [nope, not saying whom there, it's 2019, come on!] Although it may contain some of those things. Rather, it is a post about me, Brett "Fish" Anderson, trying to figure out how we are most likely to arrive at the best results and see change. [...]

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