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A Guide to Help you Understand the Internet

What i've discovered this week [again!] is that i do not understand the internet.  3 months ago, i started filming short videos for a series titled 'Race with me' in which i address the question that many white people - specifically in South Africa - are asking, once they have realised race is an issue that needs to be engaged with and say, "But what can I do?" This series of videos was actually [...]

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But what can I do about race? [Ideas 1-5]

"But what can I do?" asked the white person. Who had just about gotten to the point of realisation that things were not white right in the world with regards to race and that something needed to be done. Which is where a lot of white people tend to stall out. "Yes, i get that there's a problem, but tell me what can I do?" as if with any other problem they faced they [...]

5 Ways to Improve your World during Lockdown

Are you ready to improve your world? We are all responding to lockdown in different ways. But some people are really using this time well, as they have the means and the capacity. So i wanted to share a few ideas for you to consider [and pass on - please consider hitting SHARE and inviting your people to join in as well]. Some you might already be doing, but maybe there is something here [...]

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The Myth of White Privilege

People seem to be jumping into race conversations more than ever. Which is great. With that comes a phrase that has the power to kickstart defensiveness for so many people: White Privilege "How dare you say I have white privilege? My family grew up poor!" "White Privilege? I had to work three jobs to get to where I am today!" "Maybe in the past that was a thing, but these days with BEE..." Are [...]

Why and how i believe that All Lives Matter.

What is the problem with #AllLivesMatter? This past week, we have seen the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and movement on the rise again.  A lot of people have been responding with tags like #WhiteLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter as if this is an important and necessary counter to #BlackLivesMatter. i would love to try and explain to anyone who feels like this, why i think differently on the matter. i think it is also important to say at [...]

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When black friends don’t appreciate the effort.

My friend Terence is so negative: Seriously though, on a day when white people were showing solidarity with their one black friend, Terence had to go and make them feel bad. And they did - read the comments. There must be discomfort when confronting injustice Let me just be clear here - Terence is not negative. i agree with his status completely. But it led to one interaction with an old friend of mine [...]

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When last did you? A Twitterer thread on lived experiences.

i started this as a thread on the Twitterer but thought it might be good to stick it here as well. If you're a white person reading this, i want to encourage you to answer a couple of questions honestly. Then, when you get to the end, read the instruction and work through them one more time. White friends: i'm not sure enough of us get how different our lived experiences are simply because [...]

Why i absolutely have to see colour! #ColourblindMustFall

The Colourblind argument seems to be a confusing one for many people. White people, trying to do the right thing, often hold on to the statement: I don't see colour. While completely believing it. i would like to approach that from a different direction than i have before, which might make it easier for some of you to get. Many of my best friends are black, coloured and indian people. And no, that's not [...]

40 Tips for Men: Tips #36-40

Moving on to the last 5 tips of our #40TipsForMen series: 40 Tips for Men: Tip #36 Recognise, Acknowledge and Leverage your privilege. Now these will have largely been covered in other tips, but i think this little three prong process can be a harder one. And imagine men might be a little less defensive about getting this one that white people, perhaps because it is spoken about a lot less. The idea of [...]

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40 Tip for Parents: Tips #31-35

We are into the final stretch in our #40TipsForParents series as we look at the next five tips aimed at helping parents: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #31 [i realise there are families in which this particular tip does not apply and want to take a moment to Shoutout to all the women and men who might be doing this parenting thing by themselves for whatever reason. If parenting is one of the hardest [...]

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