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To March or not to March [and the answer is Yes!]

This started out as a Facebook status but got a little long: A bunch of people have been asking me what they should do tomorrow or for advice on what to do and let me straight up say, "i don't know!" i certainly am not someone who gets this as much as i want or need to and i have a whole lot of learning to do - i just talk about it a lot [...]

Red Bull Jesus

If the Jesus you offer... speak about... claim to follow...   ...doesn't affect your money... ...doesn't engage your time... ...doesn't influence your decisions... ...doesn't infiltrate every one of your relationships... ...doesn't require [demand] your obedience...   ...then i'm sure we're really not talking about the same person at all.   Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit,if any tenderness [...]

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What if The Christmas Gift You Give is a space at the table?

Christmas is not so far away... which means the big feast planning will soon be well and truly underway... The other day i was playing a Twitterer Hashtag Game with the tag #TheGiftYouGive One of the stunning things about Hashtag Games is that many of them can be incredibly fun or funny, but also often really serious as well. The game i just blogged about - #2016WasTheYearThatIFinally - was one of those as many people jumped [...]

The Car Challenge: You up for it?

i took a taxi today for the first time in a long, long time. Two actually, and it was great. This morning my friend and Improv aficionado [always wanted to use that in a sentence] Megan and i went to a primary school to volunteer run four thirty minute classes of Improv with grade 5's and 6's. It turned out to be a lot more fun than i was expecting. Especially cos we made it all [...]

Do you get in your way of communicating?

Communication is one of those things that can be tough even when everyone is doing it well. But let's face it, some people do not do it so well. And tend not to notice it. i thought today maybe we can help them notice it. Warning though - there may be a moment when the person noticing it needs to be you... or me. There will be an invitation at the end to add your [...]

One fight too many

Sometimes i think to myself, 'Man, i just feel like a good old internet fight. What controversial status can i write that will really get people revved up?' And by 'Sometimes' i mean 'NEVER' because i'm not THAT person. A bunch of people think i'm that person, and that's really okay cos you thinking it doesn't make me that person. And i definitely have had the opinion that some other people seem to be that [...]

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That car burning hooligan.

[Just make sure you read all the way to the end of this one...] There was a guy named Thando who lived down the road from me. He used to walk past my house on the way to school. One day, as a joke, i decided to ice the path in front of our house. Thando walked by as per normal and was totally taken unawares when his feet slipped out from under him and [...]

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All lives smatter [part II]

This is a follow on from yesterday's All Lives Smatter post so if you haven't read that yet, start over there... Some key thoughts from part I: # It would have taken an absolute miracle for someone to grow up in apartheid South Africa and be completely not affected or indoctrinated by racism in some shape or form, hence my resonance with other white people who refer to themselves as Recovering Racist - not because [...]

All white lives matter

All lives matter? True. i thought we had gotten to a point where we didn't need to have this conversation again. But after explaining it on two or three different conversations threads this week i figured i would give it another go - some people are still catching on to this one. And i get it - it is quite subtle and nuanced and until you get it, you don't get it... so we need [...]

So long and thanks for all the rich

i am busy reading Douglas Adams 'So Long and Thanks for all the Fish' book which is the third part of the increasingly badly named Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy [which was five books long] and i came upon this gem of a passage which i think is so deeply profound. i also think that if you think it's deeply profound then it's probably no for you and if you don't then it probably is. [...]