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It’s time to hold [y]our leaders to account!

The appearance of diversity means close to nothing if the voices at the mic, those making the decisions and the hands at the money bag continue to be white. i have just seen another Conference line-up for a national denominational conference in South Africa in 2020 where out of five speakers, one of them is black and i believe he is the only one from South Africa. In a country where white people make [...]

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re: Move One Million

The Move One Million Facebook group has organised a nationwide march today, on the 5th of September 2020. Why is the 2020 significant, you may ask? Well, South Africa and the world happens to be in the throes of a global pandemic that to date has killed more than eight hundred thousand people [including fourteen thousand in South Africa]. That alone should be cause for concern. But tuning in to watch a maskless Move [...]

Stay at home! And keep your people with you!

The summary of this post is pretty much going to be: Stay at home and wear a mask when you absolutely have to go out! There will likely be some reference to the 'Don't be a Dick' wall-hanging in my man cave that was the most amazing gift from my family-in-law a year or so ago. The two are not so far removed from each other. It will come with anecdotal urgings, such as [...]

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Poem: Breathe their last

History remembers That the Public Executioner very rarely wore a mask Why conceal your identity When everyone already knows who you are? He stood somberly Bronze Heading Axe in his hand Waiting for that precisely timed moment When he would deliver the death blow That the community had decided upon And he had been quite badly paid for The Future will sing songs Of present day Public Executioners Failing to wear masks Unaware and [...]

Homepocalypse review

Time for a bit of an update from the Homepocalypse... We are living in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, in case any of you forgot. And while i know that none of you who read my blog would ever be those people, it really seems like there are a lot of them. Main road Plumstead/Southfield on the way to pick up groceries or meds from the Pharmacy gives off this impression if life [...]

Blessed are DA homeless… until we step on them!

This has been a week of two stories when it comes to the homeless people of Cape Town or those who tend to live on the streets. Earlier this week i was encouraged and inspired to see testimony from the St Peters microsite that has been created to take care of around ten homeless men during lockdown. Which you can and should read about over here. A number of my friends are involved there [...]

The Plandemic Pandemic

That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, and aeroplanes. And Lenny Bruce is not afraid... Turns out that R.E.M. were not as prophetic as we all might have hoped, for as @bj_flemming pointed out on the Twitterer this morning: REM were wrong it starts with a bush fire, pandemic, murder hornets; not an earthquake, birds, snakes, and aeroplanes. — Blake live from down unde🔴 (@bj_flemming) May 9, 2020 Chances are though, [...]

Stay at home really means just that!

How difficult is this idea that all of us really need to Stay At Home?= = = = = = = = = =A lady with a shopping bag is seen by a neighbour who asks her how her shop went. "Oh no, this is just a decoy so I can walk my dog."= = = = = = = = = =On the Twitterer a crossroads in a suburb is shown and then camera [...]

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Corona Virus: Some facts, ideas and strategies for South Africa

You may have heard about this virus called Corona Virus that has been spreading around the world like, well, a very spready virus. More than 170 thousand cases and six and a half thousand deaths worldwide. With so much speculation, fear and misinformation around i thought it might be helpful to compile a few thoughts and links to help clear things up and help us all be a little more informed and creative in [...]

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What Bishops sex scandal incident has to say about us…

Yesterday i wrote some thoughts about the Bishops sex scandal where a female teacher allegedly had sex with an 18 year old learner from Bishops. There were possibly more incidents involving other learners, possibly over a number of years and 'jokes' and apparently a rather disturbing video of the teacher have been doing the rounds at alarming rates. Bishops sex scandal clarifications This morning i added some thoughts: [1] We need to keep talking [...]

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