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The Better Coloured: some thoughts from Terence Mentor

i asked me friend Terence if he would share some thoughts about the concept of 'The Better Coloured' and he came up with these: “Yeah, but you’re one of the good ones” My friend and I were standing under a tree trying to escape the summer heat during break-time. He had been talking about those “gangsters” and “kak okes” of the school – the Coloureds. Luckily for me, I, with my meekness and my white [...]

The Better Coloured/Black/Indian

i first heard the term 'the better black' from a friend of mine who i am hoping will share a bit of her story for this series at some stage. It was shared in the context of her being part of a church congregation that looked very diverse on the outside but where she felt pressure to look and behave in ways acceptable to white people so as to fit in. Phrases like; "You speak [...]

#NotOnOurWatch II: Tattoo man vs car guard

Having spoken about and encouraged the #NotOnOurWatch hashtag commitment for probably over a year now, i just had my second big encounter [you can read about the first one here], which i wrote about on Facebook: Climb out of my car at Canal Walk to see this decently large tattooed white guy swearing at a smaller foreign black man car guard cos of some entitled not-getting-the-information-he-was-looking-for nonsense so I shouted at him and walked over [...]

Philandro Castile, Imizamo Yethu and the uneven choice

'Once again, police get away with murder.'  Those are the words Julia Wallace used to begin this article she wrote about the murder of Philandro Castile and the subsequent "Not Guilty" acquittal of Jeromino Yanez, the police offer who clearly panicked [if you have watched the horrific video of the shooting], killing him in front of his girlfriend and four year old daughter in a car. Everything in the incident seems to give unequivocal evidence as [...]

Their houses will be turned over to others.

Let there be peace! Most weeks when life is not too crazy i send out an email message called 'Thort For The Week'. Basically a sermon/message/thought for the week that relates to God and following Jesus or wrestling with some aspect of faith. This week i asked my friend Ashley Visagie if i could use a Facebook status he wrote as my thort and he said yes... but when i looked up the passage he had [...]

April Fool’s Day takes on the Bachelors…

Hm, April Fool's Day vs. Bachelor Party? Tough choice. And while many people see both of those in different more positive ways and brett fish anderson as a big giant killjoy at times cos you know, my heart and intention has always been to stop people having fun as much as possible... i see them both a little differently. Some of this will be stuck record stuff to some of you, but let's face it [...]

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Black Jesus and the “Can this just stop being about race!”

PART I: The Picture Yes, the race conversation is still going on #ThereIsMuchWorkToBeDone And while most of you will likely have missed the back and forth banter between myself and two Facebook friends which was overspill of the Black Jesus Last Supper Depiction the last few days, i felt this needed to go here because there is some incredibly helpful stuff here. But firstly let me acknowledge Alix Beaujour as the artist behind that amazing picture [...]

Blessed are the cyclists…

i blame Duncan! Best friends since High School... we'll see after Sunday... Which, if you didn't know by now is the Argus Cycle Tour. i know, i know, it's not officially sponsored by the Argus newspaper or called The Argus any more but for anyone who has done more than three of them, it's The Argus. Until we die. Which may be Sunday... although hopefully not. And i've done 16 of them i think. It [...]

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the Entitlement factor

EXHIBIT A i was driving to go and pick up my new temporary phone yesterday. And it happened. Far left lane backed up with people heading to town. Middle lane flowing fairly quickly and i was in the right lane as i was heading straight to Salt River. Two cars zooming along middle lane and at last second indicate left and push in to backed up traffic. Because entitlement. Something is saying to those two [...]

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#NotOnOurWatch: That’s not my name!

i stopped to fill up my car with petrol today and got really mad and jumped on to my phone and wrote this as my Facebook status: Disclaimer: this post will not have the amount of swearing i feel it deserves. Caltex, Main Road, Diep River, know that i am gunning for you. How DARE you have petrol attendants working for you who have to change their isiXhosa names for English names because their names [...]