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The Plandemic Pandemic

That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, and aeroplanes. And Lenny Bruce is not afraid... Turns out that R.E.M. were not as prophetic as we all might have hoped, for as @bj_flemming pointed out on the Twitterer this morning: REM were wrong it starts with a bush fire, pandemic, murder hornets; not an earthquake, birds, snakes, and aeroplanes. — Blake live from down unde🔴 (@bj_flemming) May 9, 2020 Chances are though, [...]

Brettfish on the YouTube

Brett "Fish" Anderson has a YouTube channel. Which, like my blog, contains a little bit of everything, rather than dealing with one specific topic or issue. It's a place where i like to have fun and hopefully make others laugh or smile or roll their eyes but with a joyous attitude, and it's a place i like to try use to challenge, inspire and invite people to think about living life differently. Me [...]

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