A channel is born

And after a dramatic YouTube 2 minute countdown, the 'Character Stories for Children' channel was born. Born? Do YouTube channels get born. i mean, i guess it was conceived about five days ago... Based on a character i have dabbled with called Erik [with a K] who speaks/shouts people's favourite poems or stories at them with a bad German'ish accent. i had an idea to create some stories for children stuck at home during [...]

You are invited to the Premiere of Character Stories for Children

Monday sees the premiere launch of our new You Tube channel: Character Stories for Children. And as my friend Hairyette [who will be reading the very first story] tells me, it isn't actually only for little children - big children, even those of the adult variety, might really enjoy it too. Every day, from Monday to Friday, a new character will be reading a story, saying a poem and maybe even singing a song. [...]

A huge list of Ideas for Children to help you survive slash thrive these corona virus times

Ideas for children probably get exhausted quickly during these corona virus times we are all facing!  Corona virus times are trying times for us all. But having watched a video of a child completely covered in margarine and a video of another child absolutely covered in white paint having spread it through the house, i am guessing this might be trickier for parents. i have already written a blog post looking at five things [...]

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40 Tip for Parents: Tips #31-35

We are into the final stretch in our #40TipsForParents series as we look at the next five tips aimed at helping parents: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #31 [i realise there are families in which this particular tip does not apply and want to take a moment to Shoutout to all the women and men who might be doing this parenting thing by themselves for whatever reason. If parenting is one of the hardest [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 26-30

Here we go with 5 more tips for parents in this #40TipsForParents series: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #26 + Tip #27 Make time to eat together as a family. Use creative questions to go deeper with your family. Two tips in one here. So thought it worth sharing them together. You may not be able to eat all your meals with your family, but i would highly encourage you to make as much [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 21-25

Continuing the journey of #40TipsForParents with another five you might find helpful: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #21 Give them Justice/Compassion/Generosity-flavoured experiences. We have spoken about being honest and dealing with difficult topics when it comes to things happening in the country or tricky questions they may be asking [Tips 4 and 14]. But i want to encourage you to do things with them that teach them about Justice and bridge-building and compassion and [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 16-20

Rolling on with our #40TipsForParents as we head into the second half: 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #16 Be mindful about the pictures you show of your children. There are many levels to this one, but the most real and scary relates to predators and the sickness of the world we live in. It may be completely innocent for you to show a picture of your naked three year old running around the garden, [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 11-15

We are continuing on with our series aimed at sharing ideas with parents who are looking for some creative ways to parent better. #40TipsForParents 40 Tips for Parents: Tip #11 Talk to your children about important things first. This links to explaining things and raising the bar [tips 4 & 5] but is a little more specific. Some people are really great and feel at ease when talking about topics like sex, periods, racism, [...]

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40 Tips for Parents: Parts 6-10

We are busy working through a series where we look at Tips for Parents and these are the next five tips: 40 Tips For Parents: Tip #6 Present a united front. This came from a comment one of the parents shared on the discipline survey i shared last week, but feels like such an important one. i remember as a child the whole idea of trying to play one parent off another. So if [...]

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The Discipline of Parenting

Giving Discipline to children well must be one of the hardest aspects of parenting.  i took to Facebook to ask some of my friends who are parents to share some of their ideas/process/stories/thinking: i imagine that discipline must be one of the hardest things to get right for a lot of parents. How do you discipline your kids [maybe add in age of kids cos that changes things] in ways that you have found [...]

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