“But what can I do?” asked the white person. Who had just about gotten to the point of realisation that things were not white right in the world with regards to race and that something needed to be done.

Which is where a lot of white people tend to stall out. “Yes, i get that there’s a problem, but tell me what can I do?” as if with any other problem they faced they didn’t immediately head to google and sort themselves out in about ten minutes.

When it comes to race you CAN also head to google and sort yourself out in about ten minutes. But i have also been busy working on a video series based on my blog post series of 40 Tips for white people asking But what can I do?” when it comes to race.

And i thought i would make it a whole lot easier for you by sharing the first five of them here.

If you find any of these particularly helpful, please consider SHARING it on your social media or tagging in some other friends who might be asking similar questions. Or better yet, invite some of your friends to watch them with you and have a conversation about them afterwards – What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? What stood out? What might be something you can try?

Or maybe there is a particular video or point that you have someone in mind wh really needs to hear it. Send them the link.

Five Practical Ideas for white people asking, “But what can I do?”

Here are the first five of 50 ideas that are on the way and clicking on any of the Ideas will take you to the associated video:

[1] Start reading some helpful books.

[2] Change up the voices that inform you.

[3] Realise the importance of people’s names [and getting them right!]

[4] Rejecting the notion of ‘Colourblind’ as a possible solution.

[5] Recognise and Acknowledge the Dignity of People.

What is the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you can work through these five quite easy ideas then there are already a bunch more on my channel or you can wait til i drop the next five here. They are definitely going to get a little more challenging and costly as we move along but a lot of this is about learning to use new muscles. And if you have other people joining you for the journey, the easier it becomes.

So grab some friends – challenge them to watch five short videos with you and start practically taking action in some of the race work that needs to be done.

Let me know in the comments which of these was most helpful? Or surprising? Or challenging? for you!