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Can we please make it more about race?

You can tell i'm getting over my pity party. Well, maybe you didn't know i was having a pity party but it's my birthday and i'm trapped at home and my wife is out at work and the one thing i have to look forward to is an Improv show i am doing tonight which a total of seven people have booked for. And a number of those may or may not be related to [...]

Two Parrots and a Sandcastle: an Improv show

Have you ever watched me Improv before? Tomorrow night at the Alexander Bar in Cape Town we make stuff up. Not stuff ups, that's something else. But actually it all begins tonight. Esteemed actress, director, short, story writer, long novel writer, activist, animal love and newly turned Vegan, Megan Furniss, begins three nights of Improv duets. Tonight it will feature Tandi Buchan. Saturday night will be the chance of Leon Clingman. Although the one i am [...]

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The Bachelor Party: You don’t have to make him feel like a tit

i won't lie. i'm not the biggest fan of bachelor parties.  The idea of dressing a good friend up and then making them feel like a tit is beyond me. Hey friend, you are about to have one of the most important celebrations of your life and start a whole new way of living as a married man with the woman you have chosen to be with... let's celebrate that by embarrassing you, making you [...]

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Remembering a friend: Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd. Tomorrow will be one whole year since you've been gone. And i remember. Theologically i don't know that i believe that you're up there somewhere looking down on me. But in every other way i feel like i often live as if that is true. When i think of you looking down on me... i am a better person i am more hesitant to do dodgy things [because Rob is watching and i [...]

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The friends who are going to end this war

So i'm sitting a this coffee shop called Post in Joburg watching these two okes go at it. In the left corner, EFF member Napoleon Webster, who is notorious for having heckled Jacob Zuma at a meeting, for having heckled Cyril Ramaphosa at a meeting, for having heckled... well, you get the picture. He describes himself at one point in the 24 hours we got to hang together as a "rabble rouser" and i'm pretty [...]

What’s Good about this Friday?

This is the day when we remember a significant death. And how it changed the world. i began today, celebrating the start of the Easter weekend, watching the dvd from my best mate Rob Lloyd's funeral - a collage of photos and some video set to music... it's been just four months and i miss my friend so much. His death was significant and it changed my world. There is a Rob-shaped gap that remains [...]

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An area i am well rich in is friends. That might seem trite or bumper stickery or Oprah-informed or something, but it's not. It is an absolute truth. If there is an area that i feel most privileged in in life it is in the area of Friendship. i struggle to get my head around it. i read a quote on the internet that said: Good friends talk about their sex lives. Best friends talk [...]

The Great Gatsby or ‘Why i decided NOT to keep my pie hole shut’.

"Someone get that man a gatsby!" [Fusi Nkoala] The response to a blog post i wrote about the Passion worship event on Saturday titled, 'The Passion of the Chris'. It wasn't quite everyone's response and some of the suggestions were a little conflicting with a different one strongly suggesting to me that i should "Shut up!" and  "Keep my pie hole closed" [Autram Marjo Jacobs] Although to be fair Autram did clarify that it was [...]

Celebrating Ten Years of Rob and Nicky

Today we celebrate the Marriage of my best mate Rob Lloyd and his wife Nicky. We continue to mourn the loss of a dear friend, a husband, a brother, a son, a mentor, a pastor, a worship leader, an ultimate frisbee player, a model of generosity, a voice of reason and hope and faith and so much more. […]

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