“Someone get that man a gatsby!” [Fusi Nkoala]

The response to a blog post i wrote about the Passion worship event on Saturday titled, ‘The Passion of the Chris’.

It wasn’t quite everyone’s response and some of the suggestions were a little conflicting with a different one strongly suggesting to me that i should “Shut up!” and  “Keep my pie hole closed” [Autram Marjo Jacobs] Although to be fair Autram did clarify that it was for God’s sake, not the blasphemy one, but for the actual sake of God [phew, pressure!].

But when DJ Eazy decided to take Fusi up on his call, i caved and gave in to the gatsby idea, because Cape Town!





Clearly Golden Dish is THE place to get Gatsby’s in Cape Town. i know that because all of you told me it was and there wasn’t a single person suggesting i go anywhere else.




So i picked up DJ Eazy last night at about 8.15pm at his place in Lansdowne and we drove down to Gatesville [corner of Klipfontein and Hazel road] although apparently you can head out there any time til 2am on weekdays and 4am on the weekend.

We arrived at Golden Dish and i was ready for my initiation. Man, it had been way too many years since i last had a gatsby, i was ready.

i was introduced to the owner, Ameen, who came across as the most humble and generous man. He has been running this business for decades with his brother and everyone in their families and DJ Eazy had been going there for years, taking visiting musicians from all over [he once took Lecrae’s DJ to Golden Dish for gatsbys and one of the crew from the Passion event on Saturday].

Eazy told him i was going to write a blog post [“Do you know what a blog is?”] about my experience so it had to be top class and then they tried to figure out if i could handle the spiciness of the meal and i was like, “Forget that, i’m here for the real deal. Hit me.”


We ordered two gatsby’s but Ameen super generously gave us three so we could try all the flavours [steak, chicken and the big one, steak masala] as well as some samosas to get us ready and some drinks thrown in. And the place was pretty pumping – cars arrived as we ate and people were in and out of the shop the whole time. Super quick and friendly service and a complete vibe happening in and around the store.

Apparently the tradition is to sit on the bonnet [hood, American friends, hood] of your car and eat the gatsbys in front of the shop, but sadly my little peppermint green Hyundai doesn’t have much of a bonnet, so instead we opened up the boot [trunk] and sat and stood and ate and spoke and soaked up the vibe.

Enjoying a Gatsby with DJ Eazy




DJ Eazy told me horror stories he’d heard of people going home and using knives and forks to eat these babies. STOPPIT!





SOOOOOO good, although to be fair i think i may have enjoyed the steak one more than the masala steak. But it was the first one i had and so maybe it was the being filled up that made the second one slightly less appealing.

Eazy and i finished off a gatsby each [half and half] and then this Hunter Gatherer dragged the spoils of the chicken gatsby home for my wife, tbV, to enjoy.

We will definitely be going again soon…

Oh and as it turns out i don’t have a pie hole after all. i have a gatsby hole.

Well, after last night, not any more.

Who is going to join us for the next one?