A night at the [made up] movies

The Style High Club returns Last night was the opening night of our latest Improguise Style High Club run of Improv shows: A Night at the Movies. As the lights went down after our final game [which saw the audience pick two of their favourite characters from the whole evening and we stuck them in the same movie ending together] there was a near-deafening roar as the front row instantly were on their feet [...]

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Erik… [with a K]

When i was living in Americaland for three years, i came up with a series of You Tube videos that i called 'Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect' in which my alter ego, Brad Fish, would take a topic you would not normally consider dangerous - like ice-cream or camping or violins - and explain why it could be seen as a 'Dangerous Thing You Can Least Expect'... i was Suzelle DIY before she was [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #HistoricalFigureReviewsMovie

At @AFrikkinHashtag we pride ourselves on being creative in our Hashtagging which is why you will never find a Trump tag [except the one that was #NotTrumpOrChristmas [which you have to admit is pretty creative!]] and i don't know if we've ever done a word limit tag [we certainly don't limit words in our tags, ha ha] and this one was a classic as Jess climbed back into the co-hosting seat for a game where [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #MyRealityTvShowWillBe

When it came to a Reality Show tag we knew we had to get family involved... @Cattereia and @mioscenic just happened to be in the right place at the right time... [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South [...]

Cape Town Festival of Improv part V.

We are just over a week away from performing our 5th Annual Improguise Festival in Cape Town. i remember being in Americaland for the 1st one and being so fortunate to have an SA visit coincide with the dates and so i was able to play in some of the shows which were then at the Kalk Bay theatre. This year though we have moved to the Alexander Bar in Cape Town which has hosted [...]

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Making it all up Improv-style at the Masque

Last night i was a Combine Harvester. Or was it a Combined Harvester. Hard to tell. But then i was also a Scottish Horseman slash barman who got slashed but if it all took place in the walk someone took in their mind, did it really happen at all? i was washed up on a desert island and within 12 minutes had managed to start a fire and burn all of our clothes. Yes, ALL [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #WhyDinosaursBecameExtinct

If you're like me, you've always wondered what REALLY made the dinosaurs disappear... so we decided to try and figure it out. [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #ThatDoesImpressMeMuch

What impresses you? Beyond old Shania Twain songs that it? Well armed with dual co-hosts we decided to find out just that, in the hopes that Shania Twain might feel vibed up and join in [she didn't! Clearly we didn't impress her much!] But we did have these two super people who have been playing AFH for a while and featuring on the F.L.O.P.s and they both dived in: Jess @JessBerrie Ross @RossMoorhouse [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #AutocorrectASentence

Ever have a bad autocorrect moment? You meant to type, "Hey that felt a little mean" and autocorrect changes it to "You stupid cow, you ruined my life." Happens to all of us. Hopefully we catch most of them before we hit send, but with the busyness and rush of life a lot of them escape our attention before it's too late. But the Internet remembers... and so we decided to have some fun with that [...]

A Frikkin Hashtag: #LetMeImproveYourDayBy

Another Wednesday, another Hashtag game... well hopefully not just another hashtag game - we continue to do everything we can to make @AFrikkinHashtag stand out as a game that has that little bit of its own flavour and it's all of you that make that possible. This week my co-host, the incredible Kathleen Adams aka @KattFunny [and i'm not just saying that - take five minutes and go and read her incredible story of recovery [...]

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