A Frikkin Hashtag: #MyRealityTvShowWillBe

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #MyRealityTvShowWillBe

When it came to a Reality Show tag we knew we had to get family involved… @Cattereia and @mioscenic just happened to be in the right place at the right time…

[The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in what is called a Hashtag game. @AFrikkinHashtag [say it out loud] is South Africa’s #1 Hashtag game and is always a lot of fun. The F.L.O.P. [or Fish List Of Prizeworthyness] is the collection of some of the best tweets from each week’s game and is what all seriously comedic Hashtaggers aspire to…]

Reality shows you either love or hate but we figured if we gave creative control over to you guys, we would definitely be able to find something for everyone…

So we sent out some invites…

Hashtag game reality show ad

And set up a few examples:

hashtag game reality show

hashtag game reality show

Had just found out that our two co-hosts were sisters actually [can you guess who is the older one?] and so it was a great first for Hashtagging games and AFH to have a family co-hosting…

They were both quickly dominating the game:

Some of our favourite bots played along:

And we even had a visit from a well-known Nickelodeon character @NickSplat

As well as trending in Australia which doesn’t happen too often:

And of course then there were all of you – and man, there were a lot of you… As per always we couldn’t pick them all, but some of the tweets that caught our attention this week enough to make it onto our TO TWEETS list were these and so here is this week’s


Andrew got us going and we see what you did there:

John seemed to let this game go to his head quickly so we slowly backed away…

While Dreamweasel was off on his own tangent:

Chantelle’s felt a little heavy on the Reality side…

While Dick was just being… well, himself…

Crystal seems to be covering all the bases [from inside the cupboard in her room]:

Dick was back and trying to drive his point home:

While Barry hmm mrggh hrggh mmm hrgh:

Crystal had a follow up spinoff to her Introvert show:

And Barry was working on “Sob, you think you can sing?”

Crystal was really going for it with a game that seemed suitable for the end of 2016:

While Patrick was tearing up new ground:

V was trying not to make a Pool of herself:

While Hype was talking about a documentary about us, i believe:

Vidhya has a show that is going to be great when she gets to it:

While Cowboy Bob was feeling a little more focused:

Lisa is on to something, although it sounds like a long long show:

Subtle Sam was being, well, subtle:

While Señor Vergüenza‏ was feeling the judgement:

i love the sound of Craig’s show:

While MArk’s was a little bit too scary for comfort:

While Dad Joke was bringing some notes:

Gal was likely going to have to shell out a lot on his idea:

Audio went for the nature-al approach:

But also had in mind something for everyone:

John felt like he had really nailed his idea:

While Hype has his work cut out for him:

Andrew decided to call a spade a spade:

While John decided we needed to go in a different direction:

Benji’s show has all the latest buzz:


While Tomas might be on to something:

Hot Papers has more of a practical twist:

Gal was very specific in her misdirection:

Sassy was being, well Sassy…

So some REALLY GREAT TWEETS and i’d love to see some of those shows in production… However with all the amazing tweets that came in we did have FIVE that really in all REALITY stood head and shoulders above the rest and so i give you this week’s


[5] Tomas went for clever AND misdirectional:

[4] Al knows the way to the top:

[3] Benson’s idea had me in hysterics:

[2] Mick might have been thinking too left of field with this madness:

[1] While Tyra’s show feels like it could have mass humanity appeal and worth:

Well our first family tag was a success and thank you big time to all of you who showed up – a lot of new faces and players and hope to see you back tomorrow at 12 noon SA time and 6am EDT as we hashtag another Frikkin Hashtag… Big thanks to the UnNamed Ones who tirelessly work behind the scenes to make sure we trend and bot and just stay fun and alive and FAMILY friendly… and also to @HashtagRoundup for the free app that keeps us up to date with all the games being played.

Let’s all keep the WIT in the Twitterer and see you tomorrow.

love brett fish and the dolphin…

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