Erik… [with a K]

Erik… [with a K]

When i was living in Americaland for three years, i came up with a series of You Tube videos that i called ‘Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect’ in which my alter ego, Brad Fish, would take a topic you would not normally consider dangerous – like ice-cream or camping or violins – and explain why it could be seen as a ‘Dangerous Thing You Can Least Expect’…

i was Suzelle DIY before she was a hit basically [her first video was April 2014] as my first DTYCLE video appears January 2012 and warned about the dangers of Paper… so Suzelle DIY without the quality videos and the You Tube fame… i developed a really tiny but loyal fandom who for some reason thought the videos were hilarious and so i kept on making them, with my peak being the episode on Sax and Violins which, let’s face it, has some pretty amazing wordplay.

But at some point in 2015 i decided to branch out and tried a couple of different things, none of which got much support, but probably the best of these was my German’ish character named Erik [with a K] who would read out poetry in his very unique way.

While DTYCLE had more than 20 episodes, Erik [with a K] only ever produced a handful, which you can find at the following links:

Erik reads ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ by Dylan Thomas

Erik reads ‘Sea Fever’ by John Masefield

Erik reads ‘Timothy Winters’by Charles Causley to which someone responded in the comments section with ‘Have my babies, you sexy beast’

Erik reads ‘Father William’ by Lewis Carroll

Then suddenly about a week ago, i started getting comments on my Erik [with a K] videos and i have no idea where from, but people [mostly quite young people and some nameless ones had discovered Erik [with a K] and really seemed to be enjoying him.

Somebody requested ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll which i decided to give a try, just to see if i still had it. The positive comments continued. A few other people made requests asking for Shoutouts and i even got one spoken word request.

So i have decided to resurrect Erik [with a K] for the foreseeable future as it seems to be making a small few people happy while perhaps getting people a little more interested in poetry…

Today’s poem was ‘Mid-Term Break’ by Seamus Heaney and already has gotten a few comments.

People with fun YouTube handles like ‘idontlikepeople123’ and ‘Fuck Off’ [You should read daffodils by William Wordsworth it’s quite lovely] are finding strange delight in this simple endeavour, and so why not…

So please go take a look and a listen and let me know what you think – if you find them soothing and good for your soul please share the link and tag your friends – everyone can use a bit of gentle poetry to ease them into the end of the day…


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