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My Octopus Whiteness Teacher: Megan Choritz

As i reflect back on what has been the most bizarre year for the world in my lifetime, one person's name pops up a lot more than most: Megan Furniss Choritz.  We have been friends since 1999 - well, that's the year we met and i stepped into her Improv world and so friends probably happened a year or two later. Especially as one of my final moves before leaving for an 18-month journey [...]

Whose Live Show [ish] is it anyway? Spoiler: It’s ours!

What does it take to be able to get the opportunity to once more watch Improguise Live? Well, a corporate doing some work on cybersecurity with its staff and realising the need to add in a whole lot of cyber-security-themed fun at the end, that's what. We got locked down [but we got up again...] Ain't never gonna keep us down. That's right - Chumbawuba has got nothing on us and we in fact [...]

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A night at the [made up] movies

The Style High Club returns Last night was the opening night of our latest Improguise Style High Club run of Improv shows: A Night at the Movies. As the lights went down after our final game [which saw the audience pick two of their favourite characters from the whole evening and we stuck them in the same movie ending together] there was a near-deafening roar as the front row instantly were on their feet [...]

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Cape Town Festival of Improv part V.

We are just over a week away from performing our 5th Annual Improguise Festival in Cape Town. i remember being in Americaland for the 1st one and being so fortunate to have an SA visit coincide with the dates and so i was able to play in some of the shows which were then at the Kalk Bay theatre. This year though we have moved to the Alexander Bar in Cape Town which has hosted [...]

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