If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what REALLY made the dinosaurs disappear… so we decided to try and figure it out.

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This week it was the chance of a long term favourite of mine to co-host and that was The Walking Abed:

The Walking Abed

The ask was really simple? What really ended the reign of the dinosaurs on our planet?

Hashtag game ad

With the many, many Trump Hashtagging games that were doing the rounds we were pretty sure this was one thing he couldn’t be blamed for.

So we decided to take a look at a bunch of theories.

Hashtag game starter

And of course you know my greatest suspicion would have to be the evilness contained in dead grapes:

Let’s be honest. The most likeliest scenario of what took out the dinosaurs had to be overdue grapes #WhyDinosaursBecameExtinct #RaiSINsEvil

Hashtag raiSINs

As always, i had a few suggestions on hand, to give people some momentum:

Adam Sandler movie marathon. #WhyDinosaursBecameExtinct

adam sandler

Failure to diarise. #WhyDinosaursBecameExtinct

dinosaur cartoon

Too much reliance on the fast food #WhyDinosaursBecameExtinct

dinosaur cartoon

The Walking Abed hit the ground running and here are just some of his top tweets:

Quicker than you can say “Oh, look a comet!” we were trending in Americaland:

And visited by our number one Bot:

And also our new favourite Bot who always brings us back to earth:

But let’s not fool ourselves. You only popped in here to see if you made the list… What list is that?

Well only the #1 List of Top Tweets in an African Hashtagging game, which we all know as the:


Slartibart kicks us off with a reverse conspiracy theory”

While V was likely more close to the truth [Not to everyone’s self DON’T touch Grendel’s chocolate!!!]:

Slartibast was all science and biology:

Toni knew where to lay the blame:

While Macher threw in a parting shot [which was Hilary-ous]:

Eric went for the more subtle approach:

While Liao was a little more direct:

Chewie suspected social media was to blame:

Toni revealed the real culprit:

Lillian thought she had the diagnosis:

Shea touched on my sore spot [now that i’m no longer in Americaland]:

Brian managed to work a previous tag game into this one in the Nic of time:

While Robin wasn’t so convinced of the premise:

Finchie scores some Misdirectionals:

While Tal was back at the allude-sions department:

Nibbles blamed the giant porcupine beasts of Aaaaargh:

While Karl had a more obvious answer:

Many of us suspect Joe might be on to something:

Or was it Jess:

Or Daniel who took it up a level:

Sassy was all over this:

While Mukund thought he had it:

Karen had a very different idea:

Hero didn’t mince any words:

While Karen suspected it was a little more high brow:

Ross tried to make the connection:

While Andrew dropped mics with this one:

Pascal thought it was all down to one:

While Jess had a more cultured approach:

Katt thought the answer lay down under:

Liao spoke with tongue in cheek:

While David thought it was a more shocking reason:

Mark thought a higher power was at work:

While Kevin is now strongly listening to his mom:

Rene was still feeling the after effects of a different meteor:

Sassy had another mom warning suggestion:

Craig seemed confident:

While Jim was more linguistic in nature:

Kinneas almost let us into the truth before…

Colin thought it was medical:

While Rebel thought it was politically manipulated:

David is still confused about one thing:

Wile E suspected self hurt:

Kevin waxed lyrical:

Pootie went conspiracy:

Hashtagamer, pundit:

Heard upped the stakes:

Survive went there:

Or was it thumb thing else?

The whole took Heard by surprise:

In a nutshell, awesomeness:


SO many good reasons and possibilities and theories and the like… but this we decided that the biggest likelihood of how the dinosaurs really bought it was a bought of bad pun… unlike these three absolute winners which form this week’s:


[3] i loved this one from Mitchell

[2] Wile E was on brilliant form:

[1] But this week’s Number one F.L.O.P. had to be The Human One who pretty much nailed it – it’s in the name, people!:

Thank you to everyone who played and The Walking Abed for being an amazing co-host. If you have not yet downloaded the @HashtagRoundup app to play your Hashtagging games then go do that straight away. Otherwise we will be here every Wednesday at 1pm South African time and 6am EST…

Thanks for keeping it FAMILY and as always for bringing the FUN and the CLEVER, the MISDIRECTIONAL and RANDOM [but related] and this week in particular, the PUNS!

Much love, your host brett “Fish” anderson and a whole host of UnNamed Ones

Til next time, enjoy this picture of a man sobbing in the corner of his room, because he didn’t make it on to this week’s F.L.O.P. list. Don’t worry, crying man, there will be another chance very soon…

crying man