Two Parrots and a Sandcastle: an Improv show

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Two Parrots and a Sandcastle: an Improv show

Have you ever watched meĀ Improv before?

Tomorrow night at the Alexander Bar in Cape Town we make stuff up. Not stuff ups, that’s something else.

But actually it all begins tonight. Esteemed actress, director, short, story writer, long novel writer, activist, animal love and newly turned Vegan, Megan Furniss, begins three nights of Improv duets. Tonight it will feature Tandi Buchan. Saturday night will be the chance of Leon Clingman.

Although the one i am more slightly biased towards is tomorrow night’s show. Partly because tomorrow is my birthday and i will be at the show. But more importantly because i will be the Improv artiste [or something] that will be making the whole show up from my brain with Megan.

This is going to be the second time we do it and i am very excited. The first time we performed together just the two of is in this way, i woke up to find this amazing poster of us on the Internetweb:

Megan Furniss Improv

That show was called Impromp2 and this one is called Two parrots and a Sandcastle which sounds very Monty Pythonish and i love it.

i have performed TheatreSports with Improguise since 1999 which is a lot of years and it has been an incredible journey and a lot of fun. But for some reason, the idea of just two of us with absolutely no format and no ideas or plans or anything excites me the most.

Because it literally can be absolutely anything. And technically it can be a complete flop too. Which people are paying money for. And normally pressure like that might stress me out, but with Improv, which is a thing i can do, and can do fairly well i think, it just makes the excitement even more tangible.

Two people making stuff up on a stage for friends and strangers for close to an hour? i can’t wait. And i hope that you will come and watch us. And if you book online over here, you can save yourself ten whole bucks of cash.

Friday night 7pm at Alexander Bar and if you can’t make Friday then go tonight or on Saturday for Tandi and Leon… but go tomorrow night!

brett fish improv

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