Lockdown seems to have been a good time for many white people who have recognised that they have work to do in terms of personal anti-racism. 

There have been a lot of conversations online as well as Zoom call conversations and a whole host of webinars and more, especially in the wake of the George Floyd murder, which grabbed a lot of people’s attention around the world.

And i have been making videos.

Short videos under the title of ‘Race with me’ [as this is very much a journey we should all be on, probably for the rest of our lives] that deal with one practical point per video. And you can find them all on my YouTube channel over here. Alternatively if you are on Instagram then give me a follow @BrettFishA as i drop each video there every time it lands, plus you will also get to see some super sweet desserty creations that i make from time to time!

Race with me

i am busy working my way towards 50 Ideas for white people in South Africa who are asking the question: But what can I do when it comes to race?

And if that is you then i encourage you to give them a watch. 

If you happen to be a black, coloured or indian person reading this post, then i hope these will be helpful resources for you to pass on to some of the white people in your life who might have realised there is work to be done.

i thought it might be helpful thought to drop links to the first 10 videos in a post, making it easier to share with your friends and encourage others to join in on this journey with you.

The hope is that you won’t just watch them but that you will engage with them. Agree, disagree, ask questions, push back, take them further. i certainly do not have all the answers, but i have been working on this stuff for a bit and have discovered a few things along the way that were helpful for me, and so the hope is that some of them might also be helpful for others.

Click on any of the headings to be taken to the video:

[1] Helpful Books

[2] Voices that inform you

[3] The Importance of someone’s name

[4] The notion of Colourblindness

[5] Recognising and acknowledging the dignity of people

i would not encourage you to watch all ten videos in a row or they are likely to have less of an impact. What if you think of three to five other white people who might be interested in starting this journey with you and inviting them to watch one with you every day and then to have a socially distanced conversation on Zoom or via Whatsapp or a call? That way, through the conversation you are likely to get a lot more out of the videos and you are also committing to walk alongside other people who can hold you accountable.

[6] The danger of stereotypes

[7] The importance of language

[8] Interrogating the white spaces you visit and occupy

[9] The serious need to listen

[10] Interrogate our words

There you have it – the first ten videos and topics that will hopefully give you some practical steps that you can start working on. The rest of the videos i have made [closing in on 20] you can find on the channel [Subscribe and you will be informed when new videos are released!].

And if you have a little bit more time, take a look at these five powerful videos that were not made by me but which give helpful advice or education around race and justice.