Things i don’t understand… part I

What is one thing that you don't understand? For me there are many. One of them is how a plane flies. That's where my faith kicks in cos i can easily learn the facts surrounding flight, but i've seen and experienced it to work and so i believe that those who need to know how it works, know how it works. It still astounds me every time that we are in this giant metal [...]

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The [Cape Town] Life Aquatic: How do we go from here?

Day Zero continues its menacing approach like a menacing Sith Lord approaching with somber orchestral accompaniment in the background...                     Cape Town readies itself by desperately grabbing hold of any water-catching, water-containing or water-producing containers it can find... And we stand at a dry and dusty crossroads where both paths seem to lead away from any kind of aquatic-heavy future. There has already been a fair amount [...]

Taboo Topics: Living with Bipolar 2 – meet Claudia Klaase

My friend Claudia bravely shares some of her journey with Bipolar2: 15 is far too young to decide to stand on a railway track and end it all. But if you felt like the world is around you is a dark vortex of despair, hate and no hope death seems like a really good option. Or at least that is what it felt like to me. 3 other attempts followed in the next 20 years. [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #RhymeAnApology

Not everyone feels like they have the skills of a poet. But everyone has had to give an apology at some time... so we decided to give you all a chance at letting out your inner Suess as we attempted to #RhymeAnApology [The Story So Far: Every Wednesday at 12 noon South African time [6am EDT] an inspired and growing number of brilliant, creative and absolutely fun people from all around the world take part in [...]

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i made it all up [again!]

Sometimes lying can be fun. Last week i was part of two of the three shows that Improguise - Cape Town's longest running show and Improv group - put on at the Alexander Bar. Both shows were the first time i had taken part in the specific format and one of the formats - On The Couch - was the first time Improguise had tried this brand new style of show. And they were both [...]

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The Better Coloured: some thoughts from Juliet Paulse

Firstly, let me start off by saying I vehemently disagree with the term “(Better) Coloured” it has way too many links with the ‘amper baas’ (almost boss) apartheid assertions. I struggle with being confined to the label “Coloured”, I myself am still grappling with it. Although, I understand to some extent that for people to make sense of me I have to fit in some category. I would like to have the option to decide [...]

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What if there were no Whites in South Africa: book review

i have just finished reading 'What if there were no Whites in South Africa?' by Ferial Haffajee. And in the shell of a giant big nut, i would recommend it, if only because it tells a different story. Or rather looks at the same story - that of post-apartheid South Africa - from a different perspective. It was not exactly what i was expecting in that i don't really know what i was expecting but [...]

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Guardians of the Galaxy II: Some thoughts…

Finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy II Sunday night. i say "finally" because i think Guardians of the Galaxy original is probably my best movie of all time. So. Much. Fun. And yes, SPOILERS be alerted... Let's be honest, pretty much anything with Chris Pratt in is going to likely be a win for me. Since winning me over as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation season II [hated him in season one, was so [...]

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Life is beautiful…ly difficult.

Hm. Big fat punch in the face right there. Sitting at my computer thinking i should write a post on how difficult my life is right now because i'm sure there are people out there who are finding life incredibly difficult and a post on how difficult i am finding life might be encouraging or something. Put words on to what someone else is feeling. But then my mind drifts to aspects of poverty in [...]

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A Frikkin Hashtag: #AWordICantStandIs [Part II]

This @AFrikkinHashtag game had SO MANY F.L.O.P.worthy tweets we had to compile a second list... If you missed part I and the list of seven top words people can't stand, you should check that out first over here. But here follows the rest of the words that you could not stand: https://twitter.com/clebrun77/status/768400699562532864 https://twitter.com/EatNiceCakes/status/768402662928900096 https://twitter.com/EEnderinWales/status/768397079425187840 https://twitter.com/riknik1965/status/768400445270331392 https://twitter.com/jherron973/status/768400170086043648 https://twitter.com/littlesatan1974/status/768400088314089472 https://twitter.com/FromRightField/status/768400010908143616 https://twitter.com/Jaiami88/status/768399795761319936 https://twitter.com/TrivagoD/status/768399794268102656 https://twitter.com/HatedbyMorons/status/768399750408339456 https://twitter.com/papermonkeynz/status/768399739205193728 https://twitter.com/amitanatverlal/status/768399729713516544 https://twitter.com/RealStirfryguy/status/768399728912441345 https://twitter.com/Siivii_Jay/status/768399685316993024 https://twitter.com/GOllett/status/768399681000992769 https://twitter.com/Mytquinn69/status/768399616870117376 https://twitter.com/chidochikk/status/768399505154867200 https://twitter.com/SideOfHashTags/status/768409688107061249 https://twitter.com/ErikaUnderwoo19/status/768399090946150400 https://twitter.com/meghnanimously_/status/768411304755355648 https://twitter.com/RedactedProfile/status/768410375473684481 https://twitter.com/Punder_Woman/status/768413011895877635 https://twitter.com/StephanieTemo/status/768410198172110848 https://twitter.com/Darth_Pingu/status/768414557656186880 [...]

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