An Open Invitation to the Church in Cape Town: What’s Your Story?

Dear Cape Town church, i have an exciting opportunity for you. Knowing full well as someone who grew up in and about the church, that you tend to be busy with your things, whatever those things are. Your programs, and events, and services, and plans. And so the idea of stopping for another one will likely not appeal. But what if i told you that this is FREE firstly [always a bonus] and promises [...]

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Out of the Fishbowl: Season 2 – Ep1 The Define Line

It's official. Season 2 of Out of the Fishbowl is a go! And after just one day of being available it has already surpassed all the episodes [except for Pineapple on Pizza] of Season 1 in terms of number of listens in the first week, so that is looking good. Needs another 91 during the rest of the week to be able to take Pineapple so very possible, but not sure it will happen.  [...]

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The Season so Far: Out of the Fishbowl Codcast

My very first Podcast with the illustrious name of 'Out of the Fishbowl' has reached the halfway mark of Season I.  Episode IV is dropping this morning at around 10 which will tip us over that mark as we head towards the 7 in this season. And so far Out of the Fishbowl has been really well received!  If you somehow missed the fact that i even had a Podcast then you can catch [...]

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Partner for Possibility

In 2021 i became part of the Partners for Possibility program. i have mentioned this a few times recently, but thought it might be helpful to give a bit of a bigger glimpse into what it is as it feels like such a super inspiring program that i am truly privileged to be a part of. In their own words, on their website, they describe themselves in this way: Partners for Possibility is a creative [...]

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What does Jesus have to do with Justice?

They don't like swearing in the church! Well, not in a lot of churches in i know. And i'm not talking about the 'F' word either. i am talking about the 'S' word. Saying that can get you into a LOT of trouble. That's right, while 'Fund-raising' is a perfectly acceptable - some might say 'Holy' - term, and can happen through a variety of methods such as tithes and offerings or even a [...]

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Corona Virus Lockdown: Voice note a child

We are on to day 18 of Lockdown in South Africa apparently...  How are YOU doing so far? i imagine we all find ourselves at different places on the continuum between Losing it Completely and Enjoying the Ride. But there are definitely many people who face added challenges to some of us who have it relatively easy and this week i want to draw attention to some of those. The first group that comes [...]

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Amplify your voice with regards to the homeless…

Cape Town friends, and further afield [cos this is a time for us to stand together in solidarity] If you are reading this post, you likely started out by reading this one and if not maybe give it a quick look. Let me add right now that there are some conflicting reports going around and a very good friend of mine went in to visit with a delegation and produced a Live video afterwards [...]

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The Marcel’s you want to physical-distance with: Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter in your frozen yoghurt? They wowed us with their rainbow Unicorn flavour and then made us double-take with their charcoal-infused black frozen yoghurt, but Marcel's is back for more. Being connected to Marcel's by virtue of being a blogger meant that i was invited to try out their new peanut butter flavour that is on offer for the next few days, and it was worth the trip! This one can stay! [...]

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#40TipsForMen: A Summary of all 40 Tips

Why do we need 40 Tips for Men? And why am i the one dishing them out? Well, if you want to see my motivation for 40 Tips for Men, which started directly after the death of Uyinene Mrwetyana and the countrywide gatherings against Gender-Based Violence that followed, you can read about it over here. But if you're asking am i the self-proclaimed perfect man who has arrived and is now freely dispensing divine [...]

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The rise and flaw of #ImStaying

This past week has seen a meteoric rise in the interest and participation in the Facebook Group #ImStaying. The group describes themselves in this way: This group is dedicated to the South African women and men of all races and all religions, who remain loyal to South Africa. This group is to honour all those who still believe that we as a nation can turn things around. To all those who choose to stay [...]

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