It’s official. Season 2 of Out of the Fishbowl is a go!

And after just one day of being available it has already surpassed all the episodes [except for Pineapple on Pizza] of Season 1 in terms of number of listens in the first week, so that is looking good. Needs another 91 during the rest of the week to be able to take Pineapple so very possible, but not sure it will happen. 

So a great start to what was a bit of a nervous drop, given the content. It’s one thing to record an episode that asks the question: What is the worst thing you ever did? And then proceed to answer it with some examples. And it is quite another thing to release that to the general public and hope that people will receive it well.

Which, from the first few comments, seems to have largely been the case: 

And i also have one close friend who thinks it was not a really good episode at all and wants to talk to me about it. So that is going to happen.

But for the most part feedback has been positive and it has already received a decent number of downloads and so hoping that people will keep listening to it – which you can do here if you haven’t yet – but for me the most exciting part is what is happening tomorrow [Wed 19th] night…

Season 2 Out of the Fishbowl

The big difference i am hoping to see with Season 2 of Out of the Fishbowl is deeper audience engagement. 

With each episode that is released, the plan is to host a Twitterer Space [basically a live conversation on Twitter that anyone can join in and audience members can be handed the mic and asked to share their thoughts, reflections, criticisms and stories] and hopefully see deeper engagement around the topic at hand.

So if you are available this Wed at 7pm South African time [12:00PT, 15:00EST] then please give this episode a listen, and then join us for the conversation at @BrettFishA which i am hoping will really be beneficial for all.

If you have stumbled upon this post, but are not up to date with Season 1 episodes, then have no fear, as i made this summary of each episode with links so you can catch the ones you missed.

But here we are – Season 2 is up and running – the Codcast is 64 listens away from having had 1500 overall and The Define Line is just 95 listens away from being the most successful episode in its first week so please keep listening and sharing and RTing and telling your friends about it. And hopefully we will see Season 2 grow and far surpass everything we achieved with the first one.

Thank you for engaging and hope to see some of you Wed night.

Til then, dare to be different, to embrace the risk and consider that life outside of what you have always known might hold some adventure and perhaps even some greater value and don’t be too scared to flip yourself Out of the Fishbowl.